Phoenix Parents

2022-2023 Meeting Schedule

Links to Zoom meetings can be found in the Friday Phoenix News.


Thursday, Sept. 15 at 8:30am - at RCHS
Thursday, Oct. 20 at 5:30pm - virtual by Zoom
Thursday, Dec. 1 at 8:30am - at RCHS
Thursday, Jan. 12 at 5:30pm - virtual by Zoom
Thursday, Feb. 23 at 8:30am - at RCHS
Thursday, Apr. 13 at 5:30pm - virtual by Zoom

About Phoenix Parents

Phoenix Parents, Raleigh Charter’s parent organization, exists to support our teachers, staff, and students and to encourage active parent participation by providing meaningful ways to support the mission and goals of the school. All parents are welcome to attend Phoenix Parents monthly meetings, events, and programs!

There are many, many ways that Phoenix Parents support RCHS including:

  • working with staff and administration to welcome new families

  • organizing the annual Coursepack Sale

  • providing lunches to faculty and staff during Orientation, retreats, and planning days

  • coordinating our Carpool Database for families

  • assist with Flex and Community Work Days

  • hosting events for the parent community

  • volunteering to upkeep the building and campus grounds

  • so much more!


If you would like to be more involved in Phoenix Parents, please consult our list of Phoenix Parents Officers and contact the Phoenix Parents co-presidents for more information!


Phoenix Parents formed to support the teachers, staff, and students and to encourage active parent participation by providing meaningful ways for parents to support the mission and goals of the school— as stated in the original charter application. Phoenix Parents are always looking for ways to enhance the high school experience. Please join, be active and supportive, and share new ideas!



The membership form can be found here and can be turned into the front office or mailed to RCHS.  Every family is encouraged to join with a membership fee of $25.  This membership fee, along with the coursepack sale profit, and silent fundraisers will provide funds necessary to give the faculty a small bonus each year, teacher appreciation events, reward two seniors who have demonstrated the mission and spirit of RCHS in the greater community, and support many other Phoenix Parents initiatives. For more information, please consult our list of Phoenix Parents Officers and contact our VP of Membership.
Our goal is to have 100% of our families join because 100% of our students directly benefit from Phoenix Parents efforts!


RCHS and Phoenix Parents recruit volunteers to help support many events and projects: Building and Grounds work days, Flex Day staffing, teacher appreciation activities, Coursepack sale at the beginning of the year, an after-school Friday student social on the 2nd Friday of the year and many other programs.
Volunteer opportunities will be announced in the RCHS newsletter and on this Website. All parents are encouraged read the weekly Phoenix News and attend Phoenix Parents meetings to keep informed of volunteer opportunities.

Academic Support

One focus of Phoenix Parents is academic support:

- Welcome Gift - Provided to each new teacher and staff member. 

- College Counseling - "Goodie Bags" for visiting college representatives.

- Founders Award - Recognition of a senior who has demonstrated a sense of moral obligation to contribute to the world around them and best represented the school in one of the following areas: government, performing arts, social service or international community.  Nominations are made by the staff and judged by a panel of non RCHS citizens.


Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds and Grounds committees have done it all—furnishing and maintaining and continuing to be on the look-out for more and better items for the school, as well as help coordinating car pool connections and parking permits. Clean-up days are scheduled throughout the year to handle maintenance and cleaning jobs that are beyond daily routines. Clean-up days are a great way to meet other parents and learn your way around the school.

A Word on Fundraising

The Phoenix Fund, with opportunities for employer matches is the main fundraiser conducted by the RCHS Development Office. All families are encouraged to support the school through this fund.

Our goal is to have every family join Phoenix Parents, volunteer with the RCHS community wherever you will and contribute to the Phoenix Fund —no donation of time or money is too small or too large! Ultimately, all our students benefit!