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Raleigh Charter High School challenges college-bound students in a creative and supportive atmosphere to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, contributing citizens.

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We, of RCHS, intend to cultivate the understanding and practices that sustain individual self-determination and community self-government. We have adopted the following principles in order to ensure that all who pass through our halls can imagine, create, and govern a more perfect world.

We believe:
That a foundation of knowledge and ethics must precede all intellectual inquiry;

That if we

  • encourage self-awareness
  • build and maintain local communities
  • develop an awareness of our membership in ever larger communities
  • engage in common enterprises with people who are different
  • accommodate and address conflict and change
  • facilitate problem solving
  • foster balance and moderation in life and
  • take ownership and responsibility for learning
We shall become good citizens.

2020-2021 Reopening Information

Information regarding our plans for the start of the school year was emailed to families on July 15. Based on current health conditions and the information released by the Governor, we will begin the year with remote learning using Plan C. Due to new health and safety restrictions, we have decided that we will not return to the building for in-person instruction under Plan B until at least October 19. Please read our Reopening Information for Families document for more information.

Last updated: August 7, 2020 2:10 pm.

AllSchool Message Archive

Our official communications will be sent to families via email. Please check your email regularly for information from RCHS, including the Phoenix News which goes out to parents every Friday. If you missed an email, check out our new AllSchool Message Archive to catch up on the latest information. We will also continue to post updates on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Orientation Sessions and the First Week of School

Welcome back, Phoenix! The first day of school is Tuesday, August 11.

Instructions for activating new student RCHS email accounts were sent to parents of new students on August 3.

Tuesday, August 11

  • Students on the Lapis Lazuli Team will come to campus for their Drive-Thru Day. Check our Reopening Information for Families for time assignments.

  • All students must complete a Google form for attendance purposes and to indicate that they have completed specific virtual tasks. The Google form link will be emailed on August 11.

  • New students and peer mentors will attend virtual orientation meetings from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Advisors will send virtual meeting links by Monday, August 10.

Wednesday, August 12

  • Students on the Silver Phoenix Team will come to campus for their Drive-Thru Day. Check our Reopening Information for Families for time assignments.

  • All students will attend virtual orientation meetings with their Advisories from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Advisors will send virtual meeting links by Monday, August 10.

Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 14

  • First days of synchronous digital learning

    • Students will follow the schedule for Digital Learning Days (Plan C), which can be found on page 2 on the Reopening Information for Families Document.

    • Students will attend their virtual Advisory at 10:30 am on August 13 and August 14.

    • Classes in periods 1, 3, and 5 will meet virtually on Thursday, August 13.

    • Classes in periods 2, 4 and 6 will meet virtually on Friday, August 14.

  • Students should check their RCHS email for virtual meeting links from their teachers.

Our Work Towards Equity and Antiracism

Raleigh Charter High School feels strongly that our school must take a clear stand in support of antiracism and equity. We join national protests in echoing that Black Lives Matter. We affirm our commitment to dismantling systemic racism. We stand with our Black, Latin X, and Native American students, families, and faculty and staff.

We invite all members of our school community to join us in these ongoing efforts. Working with the RCHS Board and Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committees, the Raleigh Charter High School Administration and Board of Directors shares the following:

Commitment to Equity and Antiracism

In this moment of reckoning, our nation's history of systemic racism has come into the spotlight. We recognize that historically, schools have engaged in and reinforced inequitable practices. Our school is committed to evaluating our current practices and bringing them into alignment with antiracist work. We view this antiracist work as fundamental to our mission of educating knowledgeable, thoughtful, contributing citizens.

The purpose of this statement is to lay out our commitments to continuing and strengthening our work towards equity, inclusion, and antiracism.

  1. We will work towards antiracist teaching in terms of both our pedagogy and our course content. We will engage in ongoing analysis of content within departments, with special attention to the inclusion of voices that have been systematically silenced.
  2. We will provide diversity and sensitivity training as a fundamental part of professional development for all faculty and staff.
  3. We will provide ongoing support for our Black, LatinX, and Native American students, families, and faculty and staff, in particular, because they are underrepresented in our school community. This includes sustaining and creating safe spaces for those students to share experiences and receive support. We will continue to build our Diversity Parent Network.
  4. We will work towards diversifying our community in terms of both race and economic status. We will use our admissions lottery to provide greater access to our school for students of low socioeconomic status, and we will continue our outreach to Black, LatinX, and Native American families. We will bolster our support for our Black, LatinX, and Natve American faculty and staff. We will strengthen our efforts towards diversifying our faculty.
  5. We will provide equitable access to all aspects of a Raleigh Charter education. We will continue to provide funding for food, supplies, testing, and extracurricular activities, and we will work towards providing even greater access to transportation.
  6. We will continue to partner with organizations that have common goals in areas of equity and antiracism, including community organizations and traditional public schools.

Updated: July 28, 2020

Job Opportunities at RCHS
RCHS Community

Raleigh Charter High School is currently accepting applications for the following position:

        • Science Teacher

For information, please visit our Job Openings page.

The 2020-2021 Book List
Preparing for the School Year

Click here for the 2020-2021 book list.
Books are available for purchase through Quail Ridge Bookstore online or at their store located at 4209-100 Lassiter Mill Road at North Hills in Raleigh. Please note that shipping is free when you order online. If you choose to order your book from Quail Ridge Books, RCHS will earn a 20% commission on book list purchases.

Please use your student's course schedule to determine which books you may need to purchase. Financial assistance is available, please contact Lisa Huddleston.

Course Schedules
Student schedules have been emailed

Student schedules were sent via email to families on Wednesday, July 1. If you did not receive a schedule, please check to see if you have any textbooks at home that you need to return to the school. We will not send your schedule until we have received your books. If you have questions, please email schedules@raleighcharterhs.org.

For schedule changes, a written request is required. Download the Schedule Change Request form available here. The request form can be emailed to schedules@raleighcharterhs.org or mailed to the school. Ms. Huddleston will then contact the recommending teacher for the course. Students must submit schedule change requests by August 7. After that, class changes are rarely granted and must be initiated by the teacher. We cannot guarantee any schedule change requests; however, the sooner it is submitted, the more likely we are to be able to honor it.

Digital Learning Initiative
Chromebook Requirements for 2020-2021

All new students, grades 9 through 12, will be required to bring an Acer Chromebook Spin 11 to school for 2020-2021. Returning students will continue to use the Chromebooks they already have; there is no need for returning students to purchase this newer model.

We recommend that families order Chromebooks as soon as possible because supplies and prices have been fluctuating due to increased demand. The current model numbers are R751T, CP311-H1, CP311-1HN. Any of these models are acceptable. Families may choose to purchase either a new or refurbished device. Students do not need a stylus for their Chromebook. This Chromebook is available online at a variety of retailers including AmazonSmile, Walmart, Best Buy and Acer Recertified. Financial assistance is available. Please contact Lisa Huddleston for financial assistance.

Summer Assignments
Preparing for the 2020-2021 School Year

Students are reminded that some classes, particularly AP (Advanced Placement) classes, have summer assignments. This year the English department has decided not to assign a particular text for summer reading and there will be no summer reading test. Instead, students are encouraged to read widely for enjoyment and also for expanding their understanding of the world we live in.

All students will receive their class schedules with the names of their teachers in the summer mailing packet. Packets will be delivered in July.

Raleigh Charter is Possible Because of You
Support RCHS by donating today!

The Phoenix Fund is our annual appeal for operational support. It pays for today. Your contributions help us to keep classes small and well-supplied.

Support of the Phoenix Fund gives us the ability to:

  • keep classes small
  • attract and retain excellent teachers and staff
  • purchase new textbooks and classroom resources
  • continue to expand our innovative Flex and Community Work Day programs
  • pay for our mortgage and building maintenance
Our 2019-2020 goal is to raise $325,000. This goal is easily attainable with strong support from the RCHS community. We ask everyone - every family, every year - to contribute.

To learn more about how you can support RCHS through the Phoenix Fund, please visit our Giving page.

Updating Your Contact Information and Preferences with RCHS
RCHS Community
It is crucial that RCHS has the most current contact information for you and your family. We use this information not only to send you the Phoenix News each week, but also to contact you in case of inclement weather or an emergency. To check on or to update your contact information, log into our website and then click on "My Preferences" in the "My Links" on the right-hand side on the page. Your RCHS login can also be used to view contact information in the Parent/Student Directory and is vital to the success of our online sign-up system for Flex and Community Work Days. Each student and parent are assigned their own userid.

If you have any concerns, send a brief description of your problem to logins@raleighcharterhs.org.