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Total Dollars Raised through 127 Gifts


Thank YOU for supporting our students and teachers!


A Message of Gratitude From School Leadership

Dear RCHS Community,  As the final days of the 2023-2024 school year come to an end, we are thrilled to announce the results of our first-ever RCHS Day of Giving. Historically, when we have made our needs known to our greater school community, our community has responded with high levels of participation, and we are excited to say that this has been true once again.  Through emails, our Alumni Social, our Senior Parent Night, and newsletters, we have highlighted our Day of Giving, and you have responded in an amazing way. $27,783 in total to the Phoenix and Foundation Funds - $10,000 was our goal. 127 total # of gifts - 100 was our goal. 20 first-time donor gifts  25 alumni gifts - part of 61 total alumni gifts this year!  Your contributions support both our essential operations and long-term goals. This year, donations made it possible to  Offer more professional development opportunities such as AP workshops  Bring in an external facilitator to assist us with our diversity and equity goals Provide our faculty with bonuses to improve our compensation package Support broadening our Flex and Community Work Day programs  Move us closer to paying off our mortgage in order to increase teaching salaries Economic challenges from inflation to increased interest rates have made this year particularly difficult from a financial perspective. However, at $260,000 raised, we have met 80% of our Phoenix Fund goal. We appreciate the support of this small, dedicated community in helping us reach this level, and if you weren’t able to donate by the May 10 date, any gifts received by June 15 will still help us reach our 2022-2023 Phoenix Fund goal! Although we have not reached our initial Phoenix Fund goal and will need to tighten our belts a little bit across the board, we believe that our financial position remains solid and secure. With careful budgeting, we will weather this downturn and hope to return to a strong position next year.  Thank you to everyone for your continued engagement in our school community, and remember it’s never too late to give! Sincerely, Paul McSorley, Chair, RCHS Board of Directors Lisa Huddleston, Principal ​

Your contributions support

excellent education

for current and future students

Your gifts support Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Contributing Citizens

Your dollars make a difference:


almost covers a 12-pack of Expo  markers


supplies one textbook 


covers one month of lunches for students in need of financial support


buys half a lamp bulb for our classroom projectors


funds one student athlete for one season


pays for substitute teachers for one month


buys one case of printer paper 


pays for a 4-day AP training for one teacher


covers one month of utilities for our building

No need to delay, donate today!

As a special thank you, donate any amount now through May 10 and receive an “I Love RCHS” vinyl decal. 

Current Families:
Give to the PHOENIX FUND 
to support our essential operations.


Alumni Families:
to support our teachers and our future.

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Información sobre donaciones benéficas​

Raleigh Charter High School y Raleigh Charter High School Foundation son dos organizaciones benéficas 501(c)(3) separadas. Su regalo es deducible de impuestos en toda la extensión de la ley.

  • Para donaciones al Phoenix Fund, dirija su donación a Raleigh Charter High School (Identificación fiscal federal: 56-2121381)

  • Para donaciones al Fondo de la Fundación, dirija su donación a la Fundación de la Escuela Secundaria Charter de Raleigh (Identificación fiscal federal: 26-4266980).

Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con la Oficina de desarrollo en

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