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Summer Assignments

Students are reminded that some classes, particularly AP (Advanced Placement) classes, have summer assignments.

All students will receive their class schedules with the names of their teachers in the summer packet. Packets will be delivered in July.  




​This year the English department has decided not to assign a particular text for summer reading and there will be no summer reading test. Instead, students are encouraged to read widely for enjoyment and also for expanding their understanding of the world we live in. Click here for recommended summer reading from the English Department.

World Languages

  • French 4/AP French Summer Assignment

  • AP German (all other German students who wish to keep their German vocabulary alive)

    • Visit Deutsche Welle every few days, read a current article (Top-Thema), listen to the news (Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten), or watch a short documentary (Video-Thema).
      German 3 and 4 - look for levels B1 and B2.

    • German 1 and 2 - look for levels A1 and A2.

    • There are also some good shows German shows on Netflix.  

  • AP Spanish

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