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Foundation Campaign

The Foundation Campaign

Investing in Our Teachers, Securing Our Future

On April 4, 2017, many members of our community came together to help us launch our new initiative, the Foundation Fund. During this meeting, we reviewed both our history and the growing need for an additional fundraising vehicle beyond the Phoenix Fund to help us meet some of the difficult challenges that our school is facing and will face in the coming years.

Through the annual Phoenix Fund, our school community supports our regular operating budget to maintain a place for teachers to teach and students to learn. Achieving our Phoenix Fund goal allows us to meet our annual critical budget needs and confidently plan for the coming year. The Phoenix Fund will continue to be an essential element of our operating budget each year, and we greatly appreciate the support that our families continue to show to this effort. Phoenix Fund dollars keep classes small and well supplied.


There are, however, additional challenges on our horizon, the most important being the substantial discrepancy in the pay scale that we currently offer our teachers and that offered in the local school district. After a great deal of thought and study, the RCHS Board and the RCHS Foundation Board have decided to address this issue by making compensation improvement for our faculty a priority. We believe that this will allow us to continue to attract top-quality teachers and staff members, and our Boards believe that compensating teachers for their dedication and commitment to our students and school is absolutely the right thing to do. In addition, we realize that our building will need some required maintenance and upgrades in the next few years, and our Boards want to be adequately prepared to meet those needs as they arise.


Supporting the Foundation Fund is an additional way for our passionate families, current and former, and our alumni, to help realize our long-term goal of competitively compensating our dedicated faculty and securing our building.


In March 2022, we announced the launch of a fundraising initiative to realize the goal of the Foundation Fund. The Foundation Campaign has one primary objective: to raise the funds we need to pay off our mortgage, allowing us to sustainably raise salaries for our dedicated teachers and staff. This effort is possible because an anonymous donor bestowed a truly transformational gift upon Raleigh Charter. We invite you to learn about the Foundation Campaign in the page of our 2021 Phoenix Annual Newsletter.


Through the years, our school community has faced a number of challenges. We have found that whenever we have communicated openly and honestly about the issues that we have faced, our community has come together and responded. We welcome your inquiries, thoughts, suggestions.


Please use a Foundation Fund pledge form to make a gift or a multi-year pledge in support of the Foundation Campaign. To make a gift of stock click here.


For additional information please contact


Charitable Giving Information​

Raleigh Charter High School and Raleigh Charter High School Foundation are two separate 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • For gifts to the Phoenix Fund, direct your donation to Raleigh Charter High School (Federal tax ID: 56-2121381)

  • For gifts to the Foundation Fund, direct your donation to Raleigh Charter High School Foundation (Federal tax ID: 26-4266980).

If you have questions, please contact the Development Office at

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