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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Raleigh Charter High School challenges college-bound students in a creative and supportive atmosphere to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, contributing citizens. Our students learn to be citizens in a challenging academic setting.

Preamble and Principles

We, of RCHS, intend to cultivate the understanding and practices that sustain individual self-determination and community self-government. We have adopted the following principles in order to ensure that all who pass through our halls can imagine, create, and govern a more perfect world.


We believe:
That a foundation of knowledge and ethics must precede all intellectual inquiry;

That if we

  • encourage self-awareness

  • build and maintain local communities

  • develop an awareness of our membership in ever larger communities

  • work consciously towards equity and against oppression and injustice

  • recognize and embrace the dignity of every human being

  • engage in common enterprise

  • facilitate problem solving

  • foster balance in life and

  • take ownership and responsibility for learning

We shall become good citizens.

We graduate citizens of the world by creating an interconnected learning environment that combines a demanding college-preparatory education with a curriculum that teaches and models citizenship skills. We involve our students in many resources of downtown Raleigh—the government, performing arts, social services and the international community. RCHS will be a place of opportunity for highly motivated students and actively involved parents.

Our lessons stress active, social, and creative learning. Our students engage in serious lessons, and we hope that there is a lot of room for fun in their learning as well. Our teachers love to learn and to teach. We hope that our students will develop much knowledge and many skills as well as a deep love for learning.

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