1307 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
It is our mission to creatively use the funding we receive as a charter school to maximize educational opportunities. Carpools and the City Bus system are the two main modes of transportation used by RCHS students.
» Watch for messages related to Student Parking and Traffic Flow on the RCHS website, in the Phoenix News and posted in RCHS's Main Office.
» Be courteous.

How to Arrange a Carpool

Carpool database instructions will be available in June 2019.

Each summer the Phoenix Parents Carpool Coordinator creates a database from information parents submit through the Carpool Interest Form. The database is no longer accepting new entries; however, if you still need to make carpool arrangements for your student, you may request database information from the coordinator.

Questions? Contact carpool@raleighcharterhs.org to reach the Phoenix Parents Carpool Coordinator. Please include your student's name.

Parking Permits

Students can pick up a registration form for the parking-space lottery in the school office beginning April 8, or download a form from the Transportation Page on the RCHS website. The completed forms will be accepted until 2:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 2. Please make sure all forms are complete with student and parent signatures. Each student submitting a form must have a driver's license by October 1, 2019 to be considered in the initial lottery. Seniors, then juniors, will be given first priority in the lottery. Lottery participants will be able to choose their parking spot on the first day of school before other students may purchase a space (if spaces remain).

A completed Parking Permit registration form must be submitted in order to purchase a parking permit.

GoTriangle Bus System

In August 2018, GoTriangle public transit launched the Youth GoPass program which allows youth ages 13 to 18 to ride the GoTriangle, GoRaleigh, GoCary, and GoDurham buses at no cost. Student must submit a completed application with proof of age to obtain the pass. Use these links for information about the Youth GoPass program and bus routes. The Youth GoPass application is available here. RCHS office staff can provide proof of age for students who do not have another form of ID.

Carpool Traffic

Raleigh Charter High School has worked with the city of Raleigh to develop a traffic plan designed to help ensure the safety of RCHS students and residents of the surrounding community. Use of the Glenwood Ave and Wade Ave entrances is prohibited from 8:00 to 9:15 a.m. and 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. It is essential that all members of our school community comply with the carpool routes. Thank you for your cooperation.

MORNING Drop-Off: Best drop-off time is from 8:30 to 8:50.
Note: Encourage students to have belongings packed and ready for speedy removal when exiting a vehicle.
Parents and students must use the Washington Street entrance. Once on campus, drive counter-clockwise around the south side of the school (the right side facing Glenwood) and let students off at the front office (on the north side).
AFTERNOON Pick-Up: School is dismissed at 2:40. Best pick-up time is from 2:40 to 2:55.
Parents must use the Washington Street entrance. Once on campus, drive counter-clockwise around the south side of the school (the right side facing Glenwood) and pick students up in front of the covered walkway by the front office (on the north side). Cars must exit onto Washington St.