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Lunch Vendors
Ever wonder what's available at school each day so you have the option not to bring a bag lunch from home? Several lunch vendors provide an alternative each day of the week. Profits benefit various student run clubs and activities, so you can support RCHS by buying lunch! There is no need to pre-order these lunch options. Students, remember to listen carefully to announcements, because sometimes information regarding these optional lunch alternatives changes at the last minute.
Monday – Moe’s Burritos - sold in room 234 by the Yearbook Staff
$5.00 for a chicken, beef or veggie burrito
$2.00 for chips and queso
$1.00 for a drink
For Moe's Nutritional Information click here.

Tuesday - Jersey Mike's Subs - sold in room 116 by the Class of 2021
$4.00 for a club, turkey, ham and cheese or veggie sub
$1.00 for a drink
$1.00 for candy or chips
For Jersey Mike's Nutritional Information click here.

Wednesday - Papa John's Pizza - sold in room 145 by SGA
$5.00 for a small cheese or pepperoni pizza
$1.00 for a drink
For Papa John's Nutritional Information click here.

Thursday - Chick-fil-A - sold in room 118 by the Drama program
$4.00 for sandwich or nuggets
$1.00 for a drink
$1.00 for candy or snack
For Chick-fil-A Nutritional Information click here.

Friday - Guasaca - sold in room 223 by the Athletics program
$5 for an arepa
$1 for a drink
$1 for chips
For Guasaca Menu Information click here.

Every Day - Phoenix Foods - sold in room 238
Phoenix Foods offers affordably priced dietary alternatives to both students and faculty at lunch every day in room 238. For the students who cannot, for one reason or another, eat the lunch typically served on any given day or who would like something healthy for a snack.
Bottled water $1.00
LaCroix water $1.00
Nuts $1.00
Fruit juice $0.75
Peanut butter crackers $0.50
Balanced Snacks $1.50
Fruit Snacks $0.50
Mandarin orange cups $0.75
Granola bars all types $0.75
Yogurt $0.75
Cheez-Its $0.75
Cheesesticks $0.50
Sun Chips $0.75
Pringles $0.75
Variety Chips, etc. $0.75
Altoids $1.50