1307 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
Student Life at RCHS
Students have a lot to say about the atmosphere at Raleigh Charter and the educational experience it provides them. Most students like the short academic day we offer but there are other aspects that are important, such as our citizenship education, Special Days, clubs, lunches and curriculum. You can explore these in more detail by using the menu to the right.
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Links to Student Forms
  • Students who have asthma, diabetes, an allergy, or a chronic condition that requires or may require medication at school must submit the completed form to the school office. The form needs to be completed and signed by a physician by the first day of school. Applicable medical forms can be found here.
  • Pre-Approved Absence Form
Student Government
Students at Raleigh Charter get to make a lot of the decisions regarding student life. The following are the current officers listed by graduating class:

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • President: S. Mason
  • Vice President: R. Watkins
  • Secretary: A. Zachary
  • Treasurer: R. Miller
  • Representatives: A. Dubach, V. Indugula, D. Kim, D. McSorley, S. Sriperumbudur, J. Suggs, G. Varadarajan, A. Zachary
  • President: E. Meyerhoffer
  • Vice President: G. Whalen
  • Secretary: H. Woodburn
  • Treasurer: S. Yeduri
  • Representatives: J. Balint-Kurti, N. Moghazi, E. Sharma, C. Stewart, A. Sutich, H. Woodburn
  • President: M. Jiang
  • Vice President: M. Zantello
  • Secretary: V. Ravichandran
  • Treasurer: A. Stanisavljevic
  • Representatives: M. Zantello, E. Bergschneider, C. Edmondson, K. Healey, R. Patel, O. Ragsdale
  • President: W. Glatthaar
  • Vice President: D. Rajaratnam
  • Secretary: L. Nam
  • Treasurer: W. Hannon
  • Representatives: F. Cutiuba, E. Partel, U. Patil, K. Springle, K. Varadarajan, C. Whittenberger, A. Zapata