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Current Clubs at RCHS

Club Descriptions
Amnesty International

Amnesty International at Raleigh Charter (AI-RCHS) is a student-led organization that thoroughly believes, in the powerful words of Dr. King, that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." AI-RCHS meets weekly to discuss specific human rights violations throughout the world and how our community can work to end such injustice. AI-RCHS periodically hosts speakers, organizes awareness campaigns and writes letters to sustain its activism. All are invited to join this struggle.

Band Leadership

The Band Leadership Team consists of the first chairs of each section of the Concert Band. The team, along with Dr. Brown, meets at lunch on the second Thursday of each month to contemplate band concerns and needs and to plan fun, social activities for the band students of RCHS.

Brain Bee

Brain Bee is a competition that is conducted by the Society of Neuroscience to test students on brain anatomy.

Choral Leadership

The Choral Leadership Team, chosen each year by the individual choral groups, consists of two representatives from Mixed Ensemble and Women's Ensemble and one representative from Chorus. This team, along with Dr. Brown, meets at lunch on the first Thursday of each month to contemplate choral concerns and needs and to plan fun, social activities for the choral students of RCHS.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship club is for students who are interested in learning the process of planning, starting, and running a business. The club meets for students to meet others with similar entrepreneurial interests, gain business experience by doing, and have fun competing in small groups.

Queer-Straight Alliance

In QSA we believe that part of accomplishing our school's goal of graduating citizens of the world is learning to respect diversity of all kinds. We seek to create a community of awareness, acceptance, and safety for students of all sexual orientations. We believe that in order to achieve this goal, we must educate the RCHS and wider community about issues of gay rights and equality.

Green Club

The focus of this club is promote environmental awareness and sustainability here at RCHS. Members are involved with projects that help beautify the campus and in developing ways we can all be more "green" as a community.

Jazz Club

Jazz Club is a student-led small ensemble that seeks to perform and promote American jazz.

Math Contest Club

Tries to foster an appreciation for math and the many ways in which it is used. The club participates in and prepares for the monthly Math League Contest, which is a national contest. The club holds a celebration of Pi Day (March 14th- 3/14) every year. The club members play mathematical games and try mathematical puzzles.

Melting Pot

"Melting Pot is a club that promotes and celebrates diversity at RCHS and around the RCHS community. It is an interactive club that not only participates in cultural events, but also discusses diversity issues in our society." The club sponsors the annual cultural fair at the school and organizes outings that help members to understand and appreciate a variety of cultures.

Ocean Science Bowl
Ocean Science Bowl is a group that competes in the North Carolina Regional Ocean Science Bowl. This competition is a combination of quiz-bowl-style buzzer questions and team challenge questions that require in-depth team analysis. The topics include biology, physics, chemistry, math, geology, oceanography, and weather as they relate to the ocean.

Quiz Bowl (website)

Science Olympiad

This is a large group of students who want to do more science. There is a competition at the regional level in February and then at the State Level in April that has around 25 events. These events range from building devices ahead of time, taking tests on course work, using materials gathered ahead of time on specific topics, using lab skills including writing and calculations, to specific knowledge on a particular subject area. The NC Science Olympiad site has lots more information on this. We have around 40 students involved in this club and it is not considered a club just for science majors. The team of 18 varsity members and 18 junior varsity members have to cover all of the events, so it requires students to take on two or three different subjects. Some students go into great depth and treat this as an elective course, while other students treat this as opportunity to be a part of a team and enjoy the experience. Everyone is welcome.

Social Justice Club

The Social Justice Club meets Wednesdays during lunch to discuss current events and political issues. We begin by reading an article or two on the subject of the day, and we end in informal debate moderated by our two co-presidents. The Social Justice Club has open membership - students may drop in and participate any time the subject matter interests them.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Goals of Student Government:
1) To communicate to faculty, administration, and parents the ideas of the student body.
2) To work with the faculty, administration, and parents to promote these ideas and bring them to life.
3) To create school unity.
4) To represent RCHS is the community at large through service.

Sustaining Roots Music (website)

Sustaining Roots Music (SOOTS) exists to foster an appreciation for traditional, Southern music and culture. We believe this appreciation will engage our fellow students in greater communities. We pursue the preservation of artistic wisdom to help create a more perfect world.

Tiny Desk Club

This club is based on the concert series called Tiny Desk Concerts hosted by NPR. NPR invites a broad range of musicians who play anything from Rock to Classical music to play in their office. The musicians have to unite in and around desks and office supplies while playing their music. The club will meet after school in Room 142. All students are welcome to join and everyone should bring their own instruments. The goal of the club is to reach a playing level where the members could perform shows.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Tri-M is the international honor society for music students in both middle and high schools. It is a program of MENC: The National Association for Music Education, an association of over 85,000 music education professionals nationwide who realize the importance of motivating students and recognizing musical achievement. Tri-M exists to recognize high school music students for their efforts and accomplishments in music on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership and service to their school and community. Tri-M's purpose is to serve the school, the community and individuals by sponsoring events and opportunities throughout the year that promote the musical arts. Tri-M meets, along with their advisor Dr. Brown, at lunch on the third Thursday of each month.


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