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Active Clubs at RCHS

Club Name Meeting Day Room Meeting time Meeting Frequency
A Capella Club Tuesdays and Thursdays 232 After School Weekly
All Male A Capella Club Wednesdays 133 After School Weekly
Amnesty International Mondays 138 Lunch Biweekly
Animal Alliance 112 Lunch
Art Club Thursdays 203 Lunch Weekly
ASMR Club Wednesdays 230 Lunch Biweekly
Astrophysics Club Tuesdays 114 Lunch Weekly
Baking Club Thursdays 140 Lunch Biweekly
Band Leadership Team (BLT) 2nd Thursday of each month 212 Lunch Monthly
Biology Club 141
Chess Club Mondays, Fridays 228 Lunch Weekly
Children in Poverty Awareness (ChiPA) Tuesdays 136 Lunch Monthly
Chinese Club Tuesdays 230 Lunch Monthly
Choral Leadership Team (CLT) 1st Thursday of each month 212 Lunch Monthly
Crochet Club Wednesdays 203 Lunch Biweekly
Drama Club Fridays 118 Before School Monthly
Dungeons & Dragons Wednesdays 240 After School Biweekly
Envirothon Wednesdays 145 Before School Weekly
eSports Enthusiasts Club Fridays 227 Lunch Weekly
Fantasy Football Club Wednesdays 144 Lunch
Film Club Fridays 133 After School Monthly
Forecasting Club Mondays 130 Lunch Monthly
French Club Wednesdays 228 Lunch Biweekly
German Club Thursdays 135 Lunch Monthly
Getting to Know Your Mind Tuesdays 227 Lunch Weekly
Girl Up Thursdays 144 Lunch Biweekly
Girls Who Code Tuesdays Teaching Lab After School Monthly
Go Global Tuesdays 230 Lunch Monthly
Hanryu Music Club Fridays 129 Lunch Biweekly
Harry Potter Club Mondays 238 Lunch Weekly
History Club Fridays 230 Lunch
Humanitarian Club Thursdays 238 Lunch Monthly
Improv Club Mondays 118 After School Weekly
India Club Thursdays 136 Lunch Monthly
Investment Club Thursdays 116 Lunch Biweekly
Jazz Club Fridays 212 Lunch Weekly
Key Club Tuesdays 239 Lunch Biweekly
Launch X Fridays 114 Lunch Weekly
Magic the Gathering Wednesdays After School Biweekly
Makers Club Thursdays 205 After School Biweekly
Mario Kart Club Fridays 133 Lunch Weekly
Math Competition Club Fridays 116 Lunch Weekly
Military Club Wednesdays 116 After School Monthly
Mock Trial Fridays 114 After School Weekly
Model UN Thursdays and Fridays 135 After School
Ocean Science Bowl Tuesdays 142 Lunch Weekly
Philosphy Club 232 Lunch
Phoenix Eats Wednesdays 233 Lunch Biweekly
Phoenix Feeds Thursdays 239 Lunch Biweekly
Photography Club Tuesdays 203 Lunch Biweekly
Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) Fridays 139 Lunch Weekly
Quiz Bowl Tuesdays and Thursdays 134 After School Weekly
Raleigh Charter Christian Fellowship (RCCF) Wednesdays 114 Lunch Weekly
Russian Club Fridays 225 Lunch Biweekly
Science Olympiad 239
Science Research Club Tuesdays and Thursdays 145 After School Biweekly
Soccer Club Thursdays 116 Lunch Biweekly
Social Justice Club Wednesdays 227 Lunch Weekly
Spanish Club Thursdays 226 Lunch Monthly
Speech & Debate Club Wednesdays 234 Lunch Weekly
Sports Insiders Clubs Mondays 230 Lunch Biweekly
Star Wars Club Mondays 240 Lunch Weekly
Student Environmental Education Coalition (SEEC) Wednesdays 141 Lunch Biweekly
Student Government Association (SGA) Wednesdays 145 After School Weekly
Student Legislative Assembly (SLA) Various 134 After School
Students Aspiring For Medicine (SAM) Wednesdays 140 Lunch Monthly
Table Top Games Club Tuesdays 129 After School Biweekly
Teenage Republican Club Thursdays 230 Lunch Biweekly
TEMPO (Talented Engaged Musicians devoted to Performance and Outreach) Tuesdays 141 Lunch Weekly
Ultimate Frisbee Tuesdays, Thursdays Fletcher Park After School Weekly
Vegan Snake Club Mondays 203 Lunch Monthly
Voices for Minorities Wednesdays 139 Lunch Biweekly
Wresting Club 133 Lunch Monthly
Young Democrats Thursdays 135 Lunch Biweekly
Young Feminist Club Mondays 234 Lunch Monthly

Updated 10/29/2018

*If a club is not listed, it may not be currently active.