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Community Work Days
Citizenship Preamble and Principles
We, of RCHS, intend to cultivate the understanding and practices that sustain individual self-determination and community self-government. We have adopted the following principles in order to ensure that all who pass through our halls can imagine, create, and govern a more perfect world.

We believe:
That a foundation of knowledge and ethics must precede all intellectual inquiry;

That if we
  • encourage self-awareness
  • build and maintain local communities
  • develop an awareness of our membership in ever larger communities
  • engage in common enterprises with people who are different
  • accommodate and address conflict and change
  • facilitate problem solving
  • foster balance and moderation in life and
  • take ownership and responsibility for learning
We shall become good citizens.
2019-2020 Schedule:

Fall Community Work Days:
October 15, 2019 (Tuesday) - One-hour meeting
October 22, 2019 (Tuesday) - One-hour meeting
November 1, 2019 (Friday) - Service half-day (dismissal at 1 pm)
Spring Community Work Days:
April 14, 2020 (Tuesday) - One-hour meeting
April 24, 2020 (Friday) - Service half-day (dismissal at 1 pm)

Citizenship is an important component of Raleigh Charter High School's instructional philosophy. Our goal is to teach and model the building blocks of citizenship within the school schedule and curriculum. One way of working toward this goal is our Community Work Day Program. The design includes teacher and student choice, multiage grouping of students, one year commitments and experience, and education in up to four service areas during a student's high school years.
Each RCHS teacher chooses an area of service to support. Some programs involved direct engagement with area nonprofit organizations, while others involve the creation of "awareness campaigns" for various causes. In the fall, each student looks at all of the service choices offered by teachers and selects his/her top 5 areas of interest. Students are assigned based on their choice and grade level. These multiage groups work together for the entire academic year learning and serving.
The structure includes three 1-hour gatherings for education and planning and two 4-hour days of service work. Examples of organizations with whom teachers and students work are: the NC Food Bank, Interact, Catholic Relief Services, 10,000 Villages, The Green Chair, Coon Rock Farm, Interfaith Food Shuttle, Ronald McDonald House, Project Linus, and many more. Many activities are also focused on conservation/ecology work at local parks, conservancy sites and forests. Students volunteer their time and energy in many ways, usually astonishing the staff of service agencies with what 15 teenagers accomplish in 3-4 hours. Close relationships have been established with nearby schools, Raleigh Parks and Recreation, several agencies that serve local residents in need, agencies that work with disabled or sick children, and agencies that work for animal welfare.
The faculty and students are assisted with logistics and transportation by the Community Liaison. Parent volunteers are used to transport and work with the students and teachers on their service days. To register in the driver database, contact volunteerdrivers@raleighcharterhs.org. To volunteer to help with Community Work Day programs, contact community@raleighcharterhs.org.