1307 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
PASTA - Academic Support

Carrie Dow-Smith  
One of the most important efforts of PASTA is academic support which utilizes over 50% of PASTA's budget:
- Start-up Money - Provided to each teacher each year.
- College Counseling - "Goodie Bags" for visiting college representatives.
- Founders Award - Recognition of a senior who has demonstrated a sense of moral obligation to contribute to the world around them and best represented the school in one of the following areas: government, performing arts, social service or international community.  Nominations are made by the staff and judged by a panel of non RCHS citizens.
All of the activities of PASTA depend on fundraising.

PASTA membership and Simple Fundraising are our primary fundraising activities.  There are other, smaller opportunities throughout the year. Our goal is to have every family participate in PASTA. Ultimately, all our students benefit!