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Giving to Raleigh Charter High School - Frequently Asked Questions
Raleigh Charter High School counts on financial support of the Phoenix Fund and the Foundation Fund to supplement our annual state and county funding and to help us reach long-term goals. The information sheet, video and following FAQ are offered to increase understanding of charter school economics and our fundraising needs.

What is the Phoenix Fund?

The Phoenix Fund is our annual appeal for operational support. It pays for today.

Gifts to the Phoenix Fund support the current fiscal year by supplementing the limited annual per-pupil funds received for each student. Charter schools do not receive capital funds for their land and building.

Support of the Phoenix Fund gives us the ability to:

  • keep classes small
  • attract and retain excellent teachers and staff
  • expand our digital learning initiatives
  • purchase new textbooks and classroom resources
  • continue to expand our innovative Flex and Community Work Day programs
  • pay for our mortgage and building maintenance

Every donated dollar will be carefully used, will be greatly appreciated, and will directly benefit our students and teachers.
Our 2020-2021 goal is $325,000 by March 26, 2021. This goal is easily attainable with strong support from the RCHS community. We ask everyone to give as much as they are able.

We do NOT ask our students to do fundraising through the sale of popcorn, candy, wrapping paper, etc. Those programs designate only a small percentage of your cost to our school.

When we rise to the challenge together, we can reach our goal!

What is the Foundation Fund?

The Foundation Fund is an ongoing fundraising initiative for support of teachers and classrooms.

The Foundation Fund pays for the aspirations of tomorrow and secures the school for our future students. Contributions to the Foundation Fund will steadily and sustainably increase compensation for our dedicated faculty so that RCHS salaries remain competitive with the top Wake County salary scale. Improved compensation will be used to support our current teachers and allow us to attract and retain the best new teachers. The Foundation Fund will also replenish reserves when they are used for major building maintenance (roof, chiller, HVAC, windows.)

For more information, please read the Foundation Fund page.
Please use a Foundation Fund pledge form to make a gift or a pledge payable over multiple years.

How Can I help the fundraising efforts?
  • Help us reach our Phoenix Fund goal by March 26, 2021 by donating today!
  • If you can do more, please also contribute to the Foundation Fund.
  • Encourage extended family and alumni to support RCHS.
  • Multiply your gift with a corporate match.

Can you just tell me what to give?
We ask that every family participate in the life of the school and in financial support of the school. Every family situation is different and every family's contribution will be different. We ask all families to make a "stretch level" gift.

Why does a charter school need to raise money?

Raleigh Charter's revenue comes from fixed per-pupil allotments from North Carolina and varying per-pupil funds from the counties where our students reside. The average per-pupil amount received from governement funding is projected to be about $8,500. These limited dollars are provided for instructional expenses; however, charter schools do not receive funds for their land or school building. Charter schools do not receive Education Lottery proceeds. We must stretch instructional funds to cover building costs which amount to about $1,350 per student per year.

To manage this annual funding challenge, we ask for support of our Phoenix Fund from every family, every year. Our administrators and Board of Directors work diligently to use per-pupil funds and Phoenix Fund contributions as efficiently as possible. In addition, great savings are realized by not having a gym, cafeteria, or library.

How does this funding compare locally and nationally?
A quick scan of public school budgets and private school tuitions will show the true cost of a high school education. A review of national public school funding tells us even more. North Carolina, the primary source of our per-pupil allotments, is ranked 42nd in the nation in K-12 per-student education funding (NEA Rankings of the States 2019 and Estimates of School Statistics 2020, published June 2020). Compared to other states, our per-pupil funding is low.

All gifts are tax deductible, are greatly appreciated, and will be carefully used.
Thank you for your generous support of Raleigh Charter High School!
Please contact development@raleighcharterhs.org with any questions or call RCHS at 919-715-1155.