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Unit 1

Experimental Design practice Homework due Wednesday 8/24/2011

Unit 2

Homework 8/31/2011: pH lab. I am sorry, but I was unable to put this up, so you only have to do section VIII for tomorrow.

I will have copies for you tomorrow.

Powerpoint on Enzymes

Organelle practice powerpoint

Red Black practice questions

Cellular Processes unit

Global warming articles

Global warming ppt


Articles on damselfish and watermelon

analysis of graphs

YouTubes on photosynthesis

Questions from the putt-putt game: print out and answer questions

Mitosis vs. Meiosis: Look at this for homework 10/20

Notes on the Cell cycle

Inhertited disorders: hemophilia, turners and klinefelters, huntingdons, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, tay sachs, predisposition to breast cancer/ BRCA gene, Down syndrome, PKU, karyotype/ultrasound/amniocentesis, autism

Disorder assignment: (It is at the bottom after the two page table)

Punnett square practice website: Work down to sex-influenced traits.

DNA structure study stack:

DNA and replication videos

DNA Replication PPT

DNA/RNA review

Gene expression PPT

Control of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes: extra information

You tubes for Lac Operon



Evolution review for test

Midterm Review Guide: Print and Read for tomorrow

Midterm Review: Red/ Black Game




Genetic Engineering ppt

Electrophoresis animation: Go through this and answer the questions in this word document: Questions

Website for Transformation lab

Eugenics work: Click to begin: Clickon login and used phoenix under student log in. Under quick launch type in 252 to begin.



Protists powerpoint

Art journal topics

Plant notes

Monocot vs. Dicot powerpoint with poem assignment


Animal intro and first three phyla

Nematoda and Annelida




Game from today on animals

Animal Behavior

PPTS for vertebrates: amphibian amphibian amphibian reptile mammal mammal migration integumentary respiratory



Muscles: sliding filament theory

spirometer you tube

Homework for Wed night: excretory practice: Do both the calculations and the ten terms at the bottom.

Neuron activity: Open the word document and follow the directions: due Monday



Articles for Global Warming

Global warming ppt

World population growth Please read this and take notes on human population growth past, present and future. Also make a list of 10 world problems and write one sentence on how they could be influenced or caused by world population growth. Due Tuesday.


environmental problems