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Summer work 2012 summer article

Unit 1:

Themes of AP Biology Homework

Article homework: coronary fix

Here is the esssay question. Read it, grade the two sample essays using the rubric on the back. (due Friday) Indicated right on the essay where you give a point and why you are giving a point.

Unit 1 objectives

Powerpoint on Levels of Organization

Powerpoint on Water notes

Chemistry powerpoint

Practice questions

Roly Poly Lab

Unit 2

You tube on origins of life:

Macromolecules chart

Powerpoint on chapter 4 and 5

ID practice

More practice on molecular ID www.biology.arizona.edu/biochemistry/problem_sets/large_molecules/large_molecules_problems.html

Unit 3 cells

cell you tube videos

Organelle practice ppt homework 9/14

Cell powerpoint

Water potential and osmosis lab ppt

Data from lab on Osmosis for the whole group. Please disregard team C on the Dialysis tubing portion. They have 68% mass change for 0M bag in water so I have to assume other issues. We will include all other data when finding averages. Due Monday

Unit 4

Homework for 10/6 and 10/7:

Due Thursday: Have your progress note signed by a parent, Print the notes below on Respiration and Photosynthesis. Print the global warming articles. Read Chapter 6 and complete the reading guide through 6.6. Finish the reading guide for Friday's class. I will check progress on the reading guide in class on Thursday.

Reading guide for homework

Global warming articles

Global warming ppt

Notes on Respiration

Notes on Photosynthesis

Homework for Monday night 10/17

Read page 120 in your text. For each of the following terms: make 2-4 bullet points to explain what it is or key terms with it. You can also use the photosynthesis notes/cliff notes/and or PPT below to do this. Terms: CAM, C3, C4, and photorespiration. Then after making bullet notes for each of them, write a short explanation of the conflict of transpiration that allows water to escape the plant and photosynthesis which allows carbon dixoide to enter the very same stomata to enter the light independent reactions. Relate the four terms to this +/- conflict of leaving stomata open or closing them.

Photosynthesis review questions

lab for photosynthesis and lab for cellular respiration

PPT on special topics of unit 4

practice quiz for homework

Test 4:

1 take home question, see objectives, 15% review words: see link below, Labs on Cell respiration from class and photosynthesis from biology.com, emphasis on define/signifcance and compare/contrast with cell resp. and photosynthesis.

Review words for Test 4

Unit 5

Objectives and Reading Guide 2011: Print and read the objectives and then complete the one page review guide on the second page. Don't forget to do the analysis of the cellular respiration lab too. Reading guide and lab analysis due Monday.

Powerpoint on Meiosis vs Mitosis

PPT for material on Chapter 11 in green book from class: cloning, stem cells etc..

In class quiz questions for practice page 1 page 2

More multiple choice practice.

Study stack for chapter 19


Unit 6: Heredity

Special Topics in Heredity

Genetic disorder/testing PPT

Heredity tutorial for punnett squares.: Punnett website

Test review game/ questions: Test questions

Chi-square practice problems

Unit 7 DNA

PPT on people and DNA structure

Review questions on structure and people

DNA replication powerpoint:

Gene expression powerpoint


Practice test: answers linked below if you are interested


Unit 8 Evolution

Redblack with evolution

Evolution special topics homework for winter break 2011

Darwin, natural selection, speciation ppt

Video link on speciation

Shark article

Homework essay and questiosn Mon 1/9 answers to homework

Crossword practice Answers to crossword

test review sheet



ESSAYS: 2 of these essays will be on the midterm

Midterm review guide 2011

flashcards for practice: select edit to add cards

Practice midterm : Answer key for practice midterm

6 pages of practice from class ; answer key for 6 pages

Diversity unit:

Chapter 26 notes and PPT

you tube of origins

Bacteria: Chapter 27 notes

Bacteria PPT from class

Protista PPT: chapter 28

TAXONOMY BOOM: For quiz on Friday

Read the 5 articles: Take a few notes as needed from each to be used on test. 10% of test. We have already read one in class on ribozymes.

Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4 Article 5

phytoplankton 4th period; diatoms 4th period: dinoflagellates 5th period

fungi 4th period 5th period

bacteria symbiosis 4th period 5th period

protozoans 4th period 5th period

algae 4th period 5th period

symbiosis/corals; 4th period 5th period


Mutliple choice practice from class

Review game with answers


Help with plasmid mapping

Read these three articles and think about the pros and cons for each of them. I don't want your opinion as much as I want you to analytically consider possible pros and cons for all three. Take notes if needed to remember good points, but you will analyze these in class with an inclass assignment.

Article 1 Case for National DNA identification

Article 2 Genetically modified foods

Article 3 Embryonic Stem cell use

PPT on Restriction enzymes and genetic engineering from class A second PPT that is simplified

PPT on electrophoresis

Biotech practice multiple choice for test ANSWERS


Study guide for chapter 32: due Monady: Break it up and do some each night.

Animal intro

Powerpoint from class 1 porifera, cnidaria, and ctenophora

powerpoint 2 platyhelminthes, annelida, nematoda, rotifera

powerpoint 3 mollusks

powerepoint 4 arthropod

powerpoint 5 echinoderm and chordata

coral articles

jellyfish articles

echinoderm articles

flatworm articles

worm articles

2nd version of practice test Try to name phylum and class where possible.

Vertebrate Review guide: Answers

PPT for review


UNIT ONE: Tissues, Endocrine, Nervous, Skeletal, and Muscular

Homework for Friday 2/24/2012: print out the objectives below, print out the tissues reading guide, Complete the rest of the tissues reading guide as I have given answers for most of it (chapter 40). We will be doing the animal tissue ppt in class if you would like to get ahead.

objectives for test print these for Unit 1

Tissues Reading guide Chapter 40

Animal Tissues powerpoint Use this to help as needed for reading guide.

Homework due Monday 3/5/2012:

1. Print and complete this handout on the eye and ear: ear and eye handout

2. Read pages 1014-1019: Reading quiz on Monday will be half on this reading and half on neural transmission from receptor through the crossing of the syanpse to the postsynaptic neuron. (You can use the PPTs below on neuron and action potential AND sliding filament theory to help)

Neuron and action potential

Sliding filament theory ppt

Nervous system lab

Review Game

Review questions




UNIT 2: Digestive, Circulatory, Respiratory, Excretory, Immune, Integumentary, Reproduction

Reproduction take home reading quiz from RED Book, OPEN BOOK, but NO discussion wth any other people. Chapter 46

reproduction notes

reproduction fertilization

Digestion ppt

Lab Bench #10 circulatory

takehome quiz on special topics

Special topics in ciruclatory PPT

Note for circulatory

Respiratory you tubes

Immune system homework: read and answer the questions on this document. : Answers for this assignment click here

PPT on immune system for class

Test fill in the blank

Review game


plant unit

Plant topics: phloem, xylem, secondary and primary growth

Plant Reading homework April 11th, print and follow directions

Plant review game

plant vocab quizlet

Ecology Unit

Notes compiled All the chapters on ecology

http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab12/intro.html go to this website and go through the all of the information, take notes, write down answers on your paper, do the sample problem, and do the self-quiz. If you can't get it to work on your computer, be prepared to do the quiz/sample problem at lunch in the ETC.

Ecology homework monday night: K and r selected activity

world population ppt

Ecology practice Answer key


matching review; Answer key


AP Exam essay topics