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Summer 2017 Assignments

AP Biology Summer Assignment
Complete the Summer work assignment found on Mr. Hames's website.

AP Environmental Science (APES) Summer Assignment
Complete the Summer work assignment found here.
Rebecca Mann, Environmental Science Teacher

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment
In order be prepared for this class, download and complete the assignment listed here.
The list of required polyatomic ions, some common elements names and charges, and links to review videos are included in this document.
The naming practice and writing formulas “homework” will be due on the first day of class. It is linked as well.
We will have a short naming and writing formulas quiz the first Friday of the school year. Although I want you to have a relaxing summer and come prepared to work hard in August, I hope that you will use some of this time to review and practice naming.

If you have any questions, please contact me over the summer.

Norma Pedersen, AP Chemistry Science Teacher