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Summer 2017 Assignments

AP French
  1. Purchase Le Petit Prince (available on Amazon. ISBN-13: 978-0156013987). Write a one paragraph summary of each chapter in French.
  2. Listen to one of the podcasts from 7 jours sur la planète (available on tv5monde.com) or read one article from lefigaro.fr or lemonde.fr. Write a few sentences in French about the podcast/article to highlight the main information.

  3. *All work should be written in French in a separate notebook (only for French) that will be corrected and graded at the beginning of the school year 2017-2018. Students will be tested on the content of the novel as well.

  4. Take time to familiarize yourself with the AP test format on the College Board website. https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-french-language-and-culture/exam-practice
  • Useful sites to practice your French
http://www.rfi.fr                                   Apprendre le français
http://www.tv5.org/TV5Site/7-jours/       Apprendre le français

Bonnes vacances! Et amusez vous bien!

Madame Idri French Teacher
Lecturas de Verano 2017 Español AP
Un paquete para leer. Lean páginas V-XVII.
Contesten las 9 preguntas en la p. XI e investiguen 2 de los 4 temas de investigación p. XI para una discusión en clase.

De: "Modern Spanish Prose"
Estudien los siguientes puntos gramaticales y escriban los ejercicios.
pp. 20-21 ejercicio C
37-38 C
43-45 C+D
76 D
88-90 C
98-99 D
107-109 D
115-118 D + E
127-8 C + D

EXAMENCITO: Espérenlo durante la primera semana del semestre. ìOJO! NO habrá repaso de la gramática, pero habrá tiempo para sus preguntas.