Mathematics Department | Website
Jacob Cole |Email
Jacob Cole has a BA in Mathematics with minors in Writing and Secondary Education from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and is currently working on his M.Ed in STEM Education from NC State University. He has taught 8th Grade Math, Math 1, and 8th Grade ELA at Wake County Public Schools. A Raleigh native, Jacob has circumnavigated the globe, thanks to two student teaching placements in Melbourne, Australia and Vienna, Austria. If not at RCHS, you can usually find Jacob coaching swimming for a local year-round team, at a concert, or trying to plan his next trip to Disney World.
Mitch Dyrdahl |Email
Mitch Dyrdahl has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and a MS in Environmental Engineering from UNC Chapel Hill. Prior to joining the faculty at RCHS, Mr. Dyrdahl taught math in Florida and Minnesota.
Joyce Felder,J |Email | Webpage
Joyce Felder,J is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a BS in Physics. Before joining the Math Faculty at RCHS, she ran a tutoring program at NCSU in Physics, taught Physics at Enloe High School, consulted for Thinkin' Science Series: ZAP! a physics educational software program developed by Edmark Corporation, and raised four children.
Kenny Felder,K |Email | Webpage
Kenny Felder,K graduated from Enloe High School, barely. He then went to UNC-Chapel Hill where, in a determined effort to avoid making up his mind, he wound up majoring in both English and Physics. After ten years in the software industry he joined RCHS in 1999, where he currently teaches math. He maintains a web page of papers on math and physics. He has four children.
Angela Kraft |Email
Angela Kraft has a BS in Math from Bethany Lutheran College and an MS in Math from University of Arizona. Between earning her two degrees, she also studied math for a semester in Moscow, Russia. Before coming to RCHS, Ms. Kraft taught math at the University of Arizona and BASIS Charter School.
Caio Setubal |Email
Caio Setubal holds a BA in Mathematics and Anthropology from the University of Virginia. He is originally from Brazil, but has loved calling North Carolina home since 2015. Before joining the RCHS team, he worked for an education non-profit in São Paulo and taught math at High Point Central High School.
Hikaru Wajima |Email
Hikaru Wajima holds the BS in Physics and the MAT in Mathematics and Physics Education from Duke University. As an Air-Force Captain, Mr. Wajima was a Professor of Air Science at the University of Virginia. Previously, Mr. Wajima has taught with the Susami (Japan) Board of Education (2004-2006).
Kevin Yang |Email
Kevin Yang has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University in New Jersey. In addition to working as a tutor and teaching assistant for PreCalculus, he has interned in research at NASA.