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Sera Arcaro |Email | Webpage
Sera Arcaro holds a BA in English (summa cum laude) and the MEd degree in secondary English Education from Ohio State University. As a Peace Corps volunteer, she taught English at a rural senior secondary school in Namibia for two years. She then moved to Dalian, China where she taught English to children and adults for a year, in addition to training new teachers. She returned to the U.S. and taught English for two years before joining the faculty at RCHS, where she now serves as an English teacher.
Steve Busonik |Email | Webpage
Steve Busonik holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance and a PhD in English from Ohio State University. He studied cello performance with Lynn Harrell at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and held a chair in the cello section of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for several years before turning to English literature. He has experience in the corporate sector, having served as project coordinator for a software development company in Fairfax, VA before coming to Raleigh in 2001 to teach at RCHS.
Kristine Chalifoux |Email | Webpage
Kristine Chalifoux holds a BA in English from Arizona State University and the MFA from Columbia University. Before coming to North Carolina, she taught advanced literature and writing courses at DePaul University where she was the Associate Director of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors program.
Tom Humble |Email
Tom Humble has been a junior high teacher in Durham County and a high school English teacher in Wake County. He has a B.A. in History from UNC-Charlotte, a Master of Arts in Teaching in English Education from Duke, a PhD in English from UNC-Chapel Hill, and both Principal's and Superintendent's licenses from North Carolina State University. Tom has taught in the Duke TIP Summer Residential Program and is an AP English Language and Composition consultant with the College Board. Tom previously served as principal of RCHS (1999-2015).
Amy Marschall |Email | Webpage
Amy Marschall holds A BA from Duke University and an MA and PhD from The Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Marschall taught German language and literature at the college level before joining the faculty at RCHS in 1999. She is the translator of Heads or Tails: The Poetics of Money, a work of literary criticism by Jochen Hörisch. She teaches German and English and is the Director of Student Support.
Mike Rios |Email
Mike Rios holds the BA in English from Armstrong Atlantic State University. He has taught in high schools in North Carolina and Georgia.
Becky Schmitz |Email | Webpage
Becky Schmitz holds the BA in English from Iowa State University and the MAT from UNC-Chapel Hill.
Lisa Springle |Email | Webpage
Lisa Springle holds a BA in English from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a MAT in English from Duke University. Lisa taught for two years at Southeast Raleigh High School and at Raleigh Charter in its second year before moving back to her hometown of Chicago in 2001. After working as an assistant editor at Encyclopaedia Britannica and staying home with her three kids, she returned to Raleigh Charter in 2011.