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News Sources

Real Clear Politics

Internet Public Library - List of Online Newspapers by country

Nettizen - Online Directory of Newspapers from around the world

Opinion - Links to Opinion Pages from around the country organized by state

Cartoons from Roll Call Magazine

CBS News

CNN News - Schedule and Information

Nando Times - Political News (Run by the same people who own the Raleigh News and Observer

New York Times - free registration required

Newsweek Magazine - Entire magazine online plus archives

PBS - links to TV shows with transcripts from shows

Raleigh News and Observer

Roll Call Magazine - Newspaper of Capitol Hill

Political Cartoon - great index of political cartoons from around the country

New York Times Index of Cartoons (free registration required)

Scotus Blog - Analysis and links to stories about teh Supreme Court

Time Magazine - Entire magazine online plus archives

USA Today

U.S. News and World Report - Link to entire edition of this week's magazine and archives

Washington Post - entire paper online daily, search archives for past two weeks

Washington Times

Links to Newspapers in North Carolina

The Asheville Citizen-Times

The Charlotte Observer

The Durham Herald-Sun

The Fayetteville Observer

The Greensboro News-Record

The Raleigh News and Observer

The Wilmington Star Observer

The Winston-Salem Journal

The Daily Tarheel (UNC- Chapel Hill)

The Chronicle (Duke University)

More links to North Carolina Newspapers


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Political Sources

Politics US - Everything you need is here: links to the latest political stories, polls, campaign blast E-mails and press releases, ads, and pundit analysis. You'll also find links to all the candidates' web sites and state by state links on political news and websites for each state. You can do your one-stop political browsing here.

ABC's The Note - A daily compendium of what's going in the world of politics. Who is going where and saying what along with some trenchant insider punditry. A must stop for political afficionados.

NBC's First Read - NBC's The Note wannabe site. It does the same thing as The Note, but without as much snarky humor.

C-Span - links to all the campaigns and some video of campaign appearances

US Elections Atlas - Great site with data from every election: electoral maps and even "What if" scenarios

Political - links

Center for Politics: Crystal Ball Predictions - A Professor of Political Science offers his predictions for the elections.

Open - find out all sorts of information about candidates and how much money they're receiving from whom and from where.

Real Clear Politics - Index to links to news stories about politics from around the nation - Great Source with links organized by ideology

A Guide to Internet Sources on Political Science

Project Vote-Smart

Thinking on the Web: What's Right, What's Left

Citizens Against Government Waste

Common Cause Laundromat - Find information on donations to politicians

Members of the Supreme Court

Quick Facts on the United States Congress

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Conservative Sites

US Conservatives at - Links to sites and issues

American Enterpriese Institute - Think Tank - Site where conservatives post articles of the day with their commentary - Conservative News Service with links to stories - Site run by Richard Viguerie with links to news stories

Claremont Institute - Conservative Think Tank

The Federalist - online weekly magazine to look at the news from a Constitutional conservative point of view. You can sign up to have it e-mailed to you. Conservative links on policy issues.

GOPUSA - Online news from Republican perspective

Issues 2002: The Candidate's Briefing Book - From the Heritage Foundation Issues and Information. Pick an issue and download a chapter from their e-book

John Locke Foundation - North Carolinal Think Tank with information on local NC stories and issues

Media Research Center - Media criticism from the right

National Review - Online Magazine with toppical articles that change daily

News and Views - Conservative Blacks with articles on policy issues

Weekly Standard - Conservative Magazine

Independent Women's Quarterly - Conservative Women's Think Tank

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Liberal Sites

US Liberals at - Links to sites and issues

Turn - links from a leftist slant

ACLU - Information on issues from a liberal perspective

The American Prospect - Magazine

Americans for Democratic Action - Think Tank

The Brookings Institution - Think Tank

Center for Economic and Policy Research - Think Tank

Counterpunch - Online Newsletter

Daily Howler - Media Criticism from the left - Organization with commentary

Economic Policy Institute - Think Tank

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - Media Criticism from the left

Institute for Policy Studies - Think Tank

In These Times - Magazine

Liberal International - Organization

The Nation - Oldest Weekly Magazine

People for the American Way - Liberal Think Tank

Policy Action Network - Project from American Prospect Magazine

The Progressive - Magazine

Progressive Review - Links to stories and issues with leftist slant from around the world

Truth Out - Online Newspaper with links to other liberal organizations

Z Net - Online Magazine with links to stories from the left

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The Constitution, Supreme Court and Legal Issues

The Founders' Constitution - fantastic site with primary sources organized by parts of the Constitution

United States Supreme Court Collection - Biographies of current members

The First Amendment Center - lots of links to issues and cases arising out of the First Amendment

Exploring Constitutional Law - fantastic sets of links to all sorts of issues and cases

Signers of the American Constitution - National Archives site with biographies of everyone who signed the Constitution

Cornell Supreme Court Site - Searchable Site of Supreme Court Cases: search by topic

Supreme Court Cases - Summaries of the main issues and the decisions involving important Supreme Court Cases

Famous Constitutional Cases - selected links to significant cases

Abortion Law Homepage - History of abortion and the Supreme Court

Oyez Page - Search for Supreme Court Cases

FindLaw Constitutional Law Center - Documents relating to the Constitution and early US history, Supreme Court decisions

FindLaw First Amendment Cases - Index of Supreme Court cases dealing with issues arising from the First Amendment

Religious Freedom Cases - Summary of cases regarding the Establishment Clause and Free Expression Clause

First Amendment Cyber Tribune - Site devoted to issues arising from the First Amendment

American Civil Liberty Union - Page has links to issues such as abortion, racial equality, AIDS, student rights, women's rights, etc. The ACLU has a decidedly liberal slant but the information is good

Students' Rights - American Civil Liberties Union page with information touching on issues relating to students

The Freedom Forum - Information on issues dealing with freedom of the press

Justice Web Site - Devoted to Supreme Court rulings on Capital Punishment

American Civil Liberties Union and the Death Penalty Info - Links to articles and sites about the Death Penalty

Justice Learning - Civics Education site run by NPR and the New York Times

Famous Trials - information about some of the most famous cases in American history; they also have trivia games on famous cases and the Bill of Rights

James Madison: Godfather to the Constitution - article from Early America Review

Web Guide to the Constitution - Links to articles on the Web about the Constitution tied to the specific article or amendment

The US Constituiton.Net - Wonderful site with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (over 90), relation to current events, in depth discussions of selected topics, searchable

The Constitution of the United States: Its Sources and Applications- great site on the history, hyperlinks, explanation of issues connected to the constitution, landmark cases

A More Perfect Union - history of the constitutional convention

Washington Post - Links to articles from the newspaper dealing with Supreme Court issues

Guide to the Supreme Court - Information on history of the court, procedures, current cases and justices

Virtual Supreme Court - University of Pennsylvania Law School page with online discussion of the term limits case

Court TV Online - Information about cases that Court TV is following including many that deal with constitutional issues

The Missing 13th Amendment - Interesting historical find and interpretation of its implications

Constitutional Issues: Suite 101 - Links to sites that deal with constitutional issues

Constitutional Trivia Quiz - Jeopardy style game

Who Wants to Marry a Founding Father? - Answer a series of questions and see which founding father would suit you the best.

Guide to Wacky Cases - Information to weird, humorous cases and they're all real

Dumb Laws - List of the stupid laws states have passed

Dumbest Things Ever Said in Court - Real life stupidity

Funniest Lawyer Jokes

Outrageous Lawsuits - real lawsuits that people have filed

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Supreme Court Nominations

How Appealing - Invaluable blog that links to every article out there relating to the federal courts including nominations

News Google - Your one-stop shopping place for finding articles published in the media in the past few days. Just type in your search term and you'll find hundreds of articles. Try putting in a few of the terms we've discussed and you'll find articles that include those terms. Google is a wonderful thing.

Washington Post Special Reports - Stories aggregrated by subject. Click on the Supreme Court link

Campaign for the Courts - Washington Post Blog about Supreme Court Nominations - Conservative blog that mostly opposes Miers' nomination, but has links to other blogs and articles.

Bench Memos - Blog from National Review Online, a conservative site that is opposed to the Miers nomination - Discusses legal issues from the liberal point of view. Click on the link to posts about Harriet Miers or John Roberts

SCOTUS Blog - Discusses issues that come before the Court including nominations


C-Span - Find out out over 50 historians rated the presidents. Click on "Overall Results" to find out how the presidents rate or pick individual presidents to find how they rated on a list of 10 qualities.

WSJ Ranking of the Presidents - The Wall Street Journal's ranking of the presidents with articles on overrated and underrated presidents

Index of US Presidents - great site with lots of information on the presidents grouped by category

Lists of US Presidents - Information on presidents grouped by subject area.

Presidential Trivia

Which Presidents the Presidents like - article with several interesting quotes of presidents on other presidents

Rating the Presidents is Bunk - article criticizing the trend of finding the greatest of anything

POTUS: Presidents on the Internet - Lots of information on election results, cabinet members, significant events during our 43 presidents' terms

Members of the President's Cabinet - List of President George W. Bush's Cabinet

Presidents on the Net - Links to everything you could ever want to know about the Presidency and specific presidents

EC Online - Everything you need to know about the Electoral College and a defense of the system

Outline of American History - Biographies of all the Presidents

Useless facts about the Presidents

The White House Page - biographies of all the presidents and information about the White House

The American Experience: The Presidents - information on selected 20th century presidents

The American Presidency - Grolier online encyclopedia links about presidents

POTUS: Internet Public Library on Presidents - links to biographies, documents, audio and video files.

Grolier's Encylopedia on the Presidency - Articles about the power of the presidency

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United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

House Committees

Senate Committees

Republican Senate Committee Chairmen for the 108th Congress

Democratic Senate Committee Ranking Minority Members for the 108th Congress (scroll down)

Thomas Information from the Library of Congress about legislation and the U.S. Congress, including full text of legislation, bill summaries and status

Index of Bills being considered by House committees sorted by committee.

Roll Call - The newspaper about Congress

The Hill - the other newspaper about Congress

C-Span - information on Congressmen, plus a power rating for each member of Congress.

List of Senators up in 2004.

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Match Your Ideology

There are all sorts of quizzes of political ideology on the web. They are of varying quality and reliability. Some of them have an agenda to steer respondents one way or another. Some are just not written that well. Some are just plain wacky. Be aware of all this as you take the quizzes. Despite these caveats - the quizzes can be a lot of fun.

Ideology Survey - Mrs. Newmark's survey that you can print out

The Pew Research Center - Find out where you fit in on their typology scale.

I Side With Quiz - Allows you to decide how much an issue matters to you and to write different choices.

Which Political Party Do You Belong To? Youth Leadership Initiative

Political Party Quiz - Answer just a few questions and see where you on the ideological spectrum and how different demographics fit into that spectrum.

PBS Political Party Quiz

The Political Compass- Find out where you belong on the conservative/liberal and authoritarian/libertarian spectrum

How liberal or conservative are you?

I Side With - figure out which candidate is closest to your views

The Nolan Chart - Answer ten, rather detailed questions and find out where you are on an ideological chart.

Vote Match Quiz - you can pick which candidate is closest to you on issues.

The World's Smallest Political Quiz - Ten questions and you're done. This is a libertarian site.

How liberal or conservative are you? - The quiz will generate code for you to put on your own website if you have one. But you can still use the results to figure out where you stand.

Libertarian Purity Test - Find out how libertarian your views really are. I am a 37, in case you're interested. My husband is a 39. Obviously, all the cool people need to be in that range.

Are you a Socialist or a Capitalist?- rather a simplistic quiz, but still entertaining


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The War Room - Make decisions in a presidential campaign from The American President Series from PBS

National Budget Similation - See how you would balance the budget

Junior Scholastic: If You Were President - See if you can balance the budget

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Center on Policy Attitudes - Links to all major polling organizations

The Gallup Organization

The Polling Report

The Roper Center

Real Clear Politics - Summary of results from lots of polls

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Issues : The Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh


General Overview

Searchable database on Supreme Court nomination hearings since 1970

Profile of Judge Brett Kavanaugh from SCOTUSblog

Live blog of day one of confirmation hearing

Live blog of day two of confirmation hearing

Live blog of day three of confirmation hearing

Live blog of day four of confirmation hearing

Senate Judiciary Committee website You can click on the individual senators for their websites and search what they said about Judge Kavanaugh Members of the Judiciary Committee

Documents on the Kavanaugh nomination posted by the Senate Judiciary Committee

Kavanaugh on the Issues

Judge Kavanaugh on the Fourth Amendment

Kavanaugh on presidential power: Law-review article on investigations of sitting presidents

Kavanaugh and campaign finance: Republican National Committee v. Federal Election Commission

You'll Hate this post on Brett Kavanaugh and Free Speech

Kavanaugh and Freedom of Expression

Judge Kavanaugh and Justice Kennedy's Free Speech Legacy

Judge Kavanaugh on law and religion issues

Kavanaugh and the Second Amendment

Judge Kavanaugh on Administrative Law and Separation of Powers

What Trump's Supreme Court Pick Could Mean for States' Rights

What Brett Kavanaugh Means for States

Kavanaugh, Trump's Supreme Court Pick, Could Trigger Shift on Guns

Kavanaugh on the Affordable Care Act: Seven-Sky v. Holder

Judge Kavanaugh on abortion: Rehnquist as “judicial hero” and the case of Jane Doe

Indirectly inferring Kavanaugh's position in abortion cases

In major abortion ruling, Kavanaugh offers clues of how he might handle divisive issue on the Supreme Court

Leaked Kavanaugh Documents Discuss Abortion and Affirmative Action

Judge Kavanaugh and the environment

The Role of the Judiciary in Maintaining the Separation of Powers: speech by the Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh at the Heritage Foundation

Kavanaugh on the executive branch: PHH Corp. v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Judge Kavanaugh on work law

Judge Kavanaugh's record in criminal cases

Expect Kavanaugh to shift the court rightward - how far no one knows


Defense of Kavanaugh

A Compendium on the Kavanaugh Nomination from the Ethics & Public Policy Center

Brett Kavanaugh and the Mueller Investigation: What Do His writings Really Say?

Schumer and Durbin's Baseless Attacks on Kavanaugh on Subpoenas and Investigations

Kavanaugh's Papers Don't Help Trump Avoid Indictment

Does Brett Kavanaugh Want to Overrule United States v. Nixon? Not So Fast

The Free Speech Record of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Parts One from the Institute for Free Speech

Part II: More on Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Campaign Finance Opinions from the Institute for Free Speech

Part III: Judge Brett Kavanaugh Joins Pro-Speech Opinion Upholding Rights of Protesters

Setting the Record Straight: A Response to the CLC's Attacks on Judge Kavanaugh

The Kennedy Seat: Judge Kavanaugh's Record on the First Amendment - from the Institute for Free Speech

Brett Kavanaugh's proven dedication to religious liberty

Judge Kavanaugh's Record on Religious Liberty

Judge Kavanaugh's Fight for Stronger Jury Rights by Orrin Hatch

Distorting Kavanaugh's Judicial Record

On Kavanaugh and Health Coverage: The Sky is Not Falling

Abortion-Rights Groups Smear Kavanaugh and Undermine Judicialy Neutrality

Contraception Confusion: Judge Kavanaugh and Priests for Life

What to Make of Kavanaugh's ABA Rating

Selective Reporting on Kavanaugh's Environmental Record

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh piled up credit card debt by purchasing Nationals tickets, White House says - report in Washington Post

Attacks on Kavanaugh

Will Kavanaugh Provide Cover for Trump?

Brett Kavanaugh Once Argued That a Sitting President Should Be Above the Law

Kavanaugh's Refusal to Recuse Himself From Mueller's Cases Tells You Everything You Need to Know

Kavanaugh has an Unsettling Reocrd on Democracy from the Campaign Legal Center (CLC)

Kavanaugh Could Narrow Ban on Foreign Money in Elections

Brett Kavanaugh, Who Has Ruled Against Campaign Finance Regulations, Could Bring an Avalanche of Big Money to Elections

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lauded late Chief Justice Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe v. Wade and supporting school prayer

Leaked Email Shows Kavanaugh Questioned Whether Roe was "Settled Law"

Brett Kavanaugh Repeatedly Ruled in Favor of the Security State, Most Recently for the CIA -- and Against Me

Brett Kavanaugh Refers to Birth Control As 'Abortion-Inducing Drugs' at Confirmation Hearing

Judge Kavanaugh could give conservaitives the vote they need to rein in EPA rules on climate change

So No One's Going to Ask Brett Kavanaugh How He Got Into Massive Debt by Allegedly Buying Baseball Tickets?

The Precedent Respecter Has Logged On: Brett Kavanaugh says he follows every Supreme Court precedent. Don't believe him

Brett Kavanaugh Is Cherry-Picking the Cases He Says Count as Precedent

I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate About: He should be impeached, not elevated


The Politics of the Kavanaugh Nomination

Democrats Zero In on Kavanaugh's Defense of Presidential Power

Kavanaugh is Pressed on Knowlege of Bush-Era Disputes

Schumer: Trump picked Kavanaugh because he's worried about Mueller probe

The Character Assassination of Brett Kavanaugh

Theater of the Absurd Has Taken Over the Senate

Kamala Harris Wins the Democrats' Kavanaugh Primary

Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings showcase Republican partisanship, hypocrisy - USA Today column by former Democratic Senator Al Franken

Damning Calls for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Impeachment Come from Author of Stolen Memos

Newly Released Emails Show Brett Kavanaugh May Have Perjured Himself at Least Four Times

What About Those E-mails? Background on Senator Leahy's line of questioning about allegedly stolen e-mails and documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee

What were in those memos? 'Most of Buh's nominees are Nazis' - those memos Patrick Leahy griped about were damning to the Democrats

Twitter Thread refuting allegations of Kavanaugh perjury on #Memogate

Another Twitter Thread refuting allegations of perjury on memos

Twitter Thread refuting "perjury" claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh re: NSA surveillance

Twitter Thread refuting "perjury" argument against Kavanaugh and the Bill Pryor Nomination


Issues : The Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch

General Overview

Searchable database on Supreme Court nomination hearings since 1970

Profile of Neil Gorsuch from SCOTUSblog

SCOTUSblog live-blog of confirmation hearings

What Could Gorsuch Mean for the Supreme Court? - 13 top legal scholars weigh in, a symposium by Politico Magazine

Round-up of responses to the Gorsuch nomination at SCOTUSblog - lots of links

"Of Lions and Bears, Judges and Legislators, and the Legacy of Justice Scalia - Judge Gorsuch's speech in honor of Justice Scalia

What to Ask Neil Gorsuch at His Confirmation Hearing - article by Ilya Shapiro of Cato, a Libertarian THink Tank

Nine Questions for Neil Gorsuch by Ramesh Ponnuru

Questions for Judge Gorsuch by George Will

Neil Gorsuch: Scalia Without the Scowl

Ignore the attacks on Neil Gorsuch. He's an intellectual giant - an a good man by Professor Robert P. George of Princeton

Why Liberals Should Back Neil Gorsuch by Neal K. Katyal, Solicitor General under President Obama

For Moderate Democrats, Judge Gorsuch Is as Good as It Gets by E. Donald Elliott, Yale Law professor

In Judge Neil Gorsuch, an Echo of Scalia in Philosophy and Style

Trump Nominates Gorsuch to Fill Scalia Vacancy - Profile on Scotusblog by Amy Howe

PBS Newshour videos on Neil Gorsuch: Gorsuch promises independence from politics, Senator Grassley on Judge Gorsuch, What to expect from Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings - panel discussion

Documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee

Gorsuch on the Issues

A Jeffersonian for the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Rosen, law professor at the George Washington University

Judge Neil Gorsuch: Good Guys, Bad Guys, the Media, and the First Amendment

Neil Gorsuch: An Eloquent Intellectual by Michael McConnell who served on the Tenth Circuit with Judge Gorsuch on Gorsuch's principles of interpretation, Freedoms of Speech and Religion, executive power

Report from the 11/9 Coalition on Judge Gorsuch on the following issues: The Fourth Amendment/Criminal Law/the Death Penalty; Immigration; the Second Amendment; Establishment Clause and Religious Liberty; Separation of Powers and the Administrative State (Chevron) - The 11/9 Coalition is a non-partisan, grassroots organization working for the protection of civil liberties and the rule of law

Gorsuch on Religious Freedom

Judge Gorsuch and Religious Liberty

Gosuch's Key Rulings on Hobby Lobby and Executive Power - CNN

In Gorusch, Trump gave the Democrats a gift. They Should Take It by Radley Balko

Gorsuch's judicial philosopy is like Scalia's - with one big difference by law professor Jonathan Adler on Gorsuch and administrative law

Higher Justice - by Adam J. White in The Weekly Standard looking at Gorsuch adn administrative law

Judge Gorsuch and Administrative Law by Ed Whelan of National Review

The Roots and limits of Gorsuch's views on Chevron (administrative law) - Scotusblog

Judge Gorsuch's First Amendment jurisprudence

Gorsuch and the Fourth Amendment

Gorsuch on euthanasia and assisted suicide - and abortion

Gorsuch on separation of powers and federalism

Judge Gorsuch on civil rights

Gorsuch on abortion, religion and reproductive rights

A Return to Constitutionalism - by Richard Reinsch and Greg Weiner of Liberty Law Site on Gorsuch's views on the Administrative State and Chevron deference

Here's what you need to know about SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch - by Damon Root at Reason, a libertarian blog, on administrative law, the Fourth Amendment, and assisted suicide

What Justice Gorsuch Might Mean for the Second Amendment in National Review, a conservative journal

Neil Gorsuch on criminal defendants and the rule of law

Gorsuch on RFRA and the rights of prisoners

Gorsuch Not Easy to Pigeonhole on Gay Rights, Friends Say - NY Times

Judge Neil Gorsuch on Overcriminalization - a 2013 speech by Gorsuch

Judge Neil Gorsuch on libel law, the media, and the Aryan Brotherhood

Gorsuch Would Bring Conservative Bona Fides to Labor Cases

Gorsuch and Freedom of the Press - Report by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch has troubling views on judicial review by libertarian law professor Ilya Somin

Liberals and Lawsuits - a 2005 article for National Review written by Neil Gorsuch

American Bar Association gives Judge Gorsuch their highest rating - "Well Qualified"

Why Gorsuch Should Remain Reticent on Roe

Conservatives on Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch: A Worthy Heir to Scalia - by Ramesh Ponnuru at the National Review, a conservative journal

Democrats Still Don't Understand the Supreme Court - by Alexandra DeSanctis at the National Review

Democratic Hysteria Over Gorsuch is Predictable Posturing - by Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network

People for the American Way's Feeble Attacks on Gorsuch - response by Ed Whelan of National Review to the post by Elliot Mincberg linked below

American Bridge: Too Stupid for Words by Ed Whelan of National Review to the report by American Bridge PAC linked below

'Occupy' Law Professor's Empty Attack on Gorsuch by Ed Whelan of National Review in answer to Professor Zephyr Teachout linked below

Left-Wing Letter Against Gorsuch Part I and Part II - response by Ed Whelan of National Review in answer to the letter by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights linked below

Common Cause's Chicken Little - response by Ed Whelan to Common Cause's Karen Hobert Flynn column linked below

Liberals Have No Case Against Gorsuch by Ramesh Ponnuru - a conservative site established by Judicial Crisis Network to support conservative judicial nominees

Conservative, Religious, Pro-Life Leaders Praise Trump's SCOTUS Nomination

Originalism and Unpopular Outcomes: A Reply to Cass Sunstein by Michael Ramsay of the Originalism Blog in response to the Sunstein column linked below

Originalism, living constitutionalism, and outrageous outcomes by Ilya Somin in a response to Cass Sustein's column linked below

ACLU's Disabled Review of Gorsuch - by Ed Whelan in response to ACLU's Claudia Center's column linked below

Gorsuch's Test: 3 Legal Issues that Divide Conservatives by Ramesh Ponnuru on deference to legislatures, states, and administrative agencies

Tea Party Patriots mobilize to support Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination

America Rising Squared on Judge Gorsuch - conservative super PAC to advance conservative policies

Conservatives Groups Unite to Push Neil Gorsuch's Confirmation

A Great Legal Pen by John O. McGinnis

Ethics and Public Policy Center on Judge Gorsuch

A Supreme Successor to Justice Scalia by Ed Whelan

The Left's Smear of Gorsuch

Another oblivious critique of Neil Gorsuch on Originalism by Randy Barnett

Euthanasia Advocates Seek to Stop Gorsuch

Setting the Record Straight on Gorsuch and Disabilities

Religious Liberty isn't a Government Privilege by David French

The Times publishes a bizarre story about Neil Gorsuch

Liberals on Gorsuch

The Gorsuch Record - a report by Alliance for Justice, a liberal activist group dedicated to opposing conservative judicial nominees

Alliance for Justice Fact Sheets on Neil Gorsuch

A "Disastrous" Choice for SCOTUS - statement by Nan Aron, president of Alliance for Justice

Stop Gorsuch - site by People for the American Way, a liberal activist group dedicated to opposing conservative judicial nominees

Neil Gorsuch: Too Extreme for the Supreme Court - report by American Bridge Pac, a liberal organization

The coutry deserves a compromise Supreme Court nominee. Neil Gorsuch isn't one - by Ezra Klein at, a liberal super PAC oppsing Republicans

Gorsuch's Approach to the Law Would Make Him a Dangerous Justice - by Paul Gordon at People for the American Way, a liberal activist group

Neil Gorsuch's light record on abortion still has pro-choice groups worried - by Emily Crockett at Vox

How Neil Gorsuch could rein in regulators like the EPA and the FCC - by Timothy B. Lee at Vox

A Threat to Democracy by Karen Hobert Flynn of Common Cause

Neil Gorsuch, the Nominee for a Stolen Seat - editorial by the New York Times

The Dissents of Judge Neil Gorsuch: Far to the Right and Out of the Mainstream - by Elliot Mincberg of People for the the Amerian Way

#StopGorusch: Trump's Nominee Would be a Nightmare for Women by Katie O'Connell at People for the American Way

Neil Gorsuch an 'Unacceptable Nominee Who'd Put Ideology Above the Constitution - Statement by People for the American Way

Originalists Put Politics Over Princple - by Cass Sunstein

Neil Gorsuch sides with big business, big donors, and big bosses - by Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout

Human Rights Campaign Report: Gorsuch is Wrong for the LGBTQ Community, Supreme Court

Why Neil Gorsuch Likely Believes It's Perfectly Fine to Ban Gay Sex by Michelangelo Signorile

Neil Gorsuch's Disturbing Reocrd on LGBTQ Rights by Mark Joseph Stern at Slate with a countering response by Ernie Haffner

Who is Neil Gorsuch? What you need to know about Trump's extraordinarily conservative nominee for the Supreme Court - by Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress - a liberal site

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Has a Troubling History When Ruling on Disability Cases by Claudia Center of the ACLU

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights letter to Senators Grassley and Feinstein to oppose Judge Gorsuch

Activists Urge Democrats to Step Up Resistance to Gorsuch Nomination

My Opposition to Neil Gorsuch is Personal - editorial concerning Gorsuch's book on euthanasia

There is No Principled Reason to Vote against Gorsuch - editorial by a Democratic lawyer who knows Gorsuch

Gorsuch's Adherence to Originalism Should Keep Him from SCOTUS - National Law Journal (requires free registration)

Gorsuch backed minimum standard for disabled kids

Gorsuch has Web of Ties to Secretive Billionaire - New York Times story

The Case against Neil Gorsuch by Dahlia Lithwick (about his positions on religious freedom)


The Politics of the Gorsuch Nomination

The Senate Judiciary Committee - You can find links to the members of the committee here

Senate Judiciary Committee Documents on the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch including the questionnaire and appendices that he filled out

Meet the 10 Democrats Who Face a Tough Vote on the Supreme Court - Time Magazine

Democratic Class of 2018 Key to Gorsuch Supreme Court Fight - Roll Call

Democrats' Quandary on Gorsuch: Appease the Base or Honor the Process - New York Times

Old confirmation playbook may not apply to Gorsuch - column by Curt Levey of FreedomWorks and the Committee for Justice, conservative groups

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch says Trump's attacks on judiciary are 'demoralizing'



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Issues: Campaign Finance Reform

Information about Citizens United v. FEC

Information about Citizens United v. FEC

Listen to the Supreme Court hearing of the case

Video report from Newshour with Jim Lehrer - about 15 minutes - this is a good summary of issues involved and how the hearing went

Media and Politician Reaction to the ruling on Citizens United

Blog and Media Reaction to the ruling on Citizens United

More blog and media reactions to the Citizens United ruling

Report on the hearing from Scotusblog

Report on the hearing from Politico

Argument preview: Corporations in politics - Summary from Scotusblog

'Hillary movie' case: courtroom drama - article by Tony Mauro for the First Amendment Center

Supreme Court to Revisit 'Hillary' Documentary - NY Times article

"Lots of buzz, but does FEC have a shot?"

"Hillary movie case could change campaign finance"

Harvard Law School Supreme Court analysis: in free speech and campaign finance debate, is precedent passé?

Arguments in favor of Citizens United

What is Wrong with Hillary: The Movie? - column by a former commissioner on the FEC

"Banning books?" - column by the former head of the FEC

"Corporations are People Too" - another column by the former head of the FEC

"Free Speech For Corporations"

"Let Citizens United Speak!"

"Where is All This Corporate Corruption I Keep Hearing About?"

"Corporate control or banned books?"

"Activism in Defense of Free Speech is No Vice"

"Unfair, Unbalanced, but Free"

"Taking on the Book Banners" - column by George Will

"Free Speech, Now that Speech is Free"

Arguments opposed to Citizens United

"Corporate free speech? Since when?"

"Campaign Money and the Chief Justice" - Column by Stuart Taylor

"Keep My Investments Out Of Politics"

'The Supreme Court Gets Ready To Turn on the Corporate Fundraising Spigot"

"Should businesses be able to give to politicians?"

"Risk of buying offices too great"

"The rights of corporations" - New York Times editorial

"A Century-Old Principle: Keep Corporate Money Out of Elections"

"Five Reasons Why Citizens United is a Truly Momentous Case" - article from the Huffington Post

"Will the Corporate Supremes Now Dance on Democracy's Corpse?" - article from the Huffington Post

"Free Speech by the Millions" - column by Howard Fineman

Stpehen Colbert: Corporations are People Too - video

"High Court Should Not Head the Wrong Way on Campaign Cash" - editorial from the St. Louis Dispatch

"Corporate Interests, Unlimited" - column by Jack Betts for the Charlotte Observer on how a ruling would impact North Carolina

Arguments in favor of BCRA

On the Fifth Anniversary of McCain-Feingold - Norman Ornstein and Anthony Corrado in the Washington Post

Int the Wake of BCRA: An Early Report on Campaign Finance Reform in the 2004 Election - report by pro-BCRA group

Debate Club: Has Campaign Finance Reform Failed - Online debate from October, 2004

Trent Lott news release on the Senate 527 Reform Act

Chris Shays news release on Senate 527 Reform Act

Statements and Letters opposing the Pence-Wynn proposal to modify campaign finance reform laws

Washington Post editorial opposing the Pence-Wynn House proposal

Common Cause - Group that supports BCRA looks at various proposals to modify the law

Common Cause statement supporting McCain's Senate proposal to reform 527s

Here's a New Campaign Finance Reform Plan: Just Stop - Column by Jonathan Rauch arguing that we should stay with McCain-Feingold and not tinker with it

Political Parties under the Post-McConnell BCRA - article arguing that the law has not had that serious an effect

Despite Predictions, BCRA has not been a Democratic Suicide Bill - Article from 2004 by a BCFRA supporter

Flap Over 527s Aside, McCain-Feingold is Working as Planned - Article from 2004

The Supreme Court's Recent Landmark Decision on Campaign Finance Reform - article arguing that the Court made the right decision

Why the FEC Should Not Limit Contributions to Public Issues Advocacy Groups - Article arguing that the FEC should not regulate 527s

Interview on PBS with Senator McCain on Campaign Finance Reform

Myths and Reality about the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 - article by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Open Secrets - site to monitor money in politics. You can look up a politician and find out who is donating money to that politician

Court Documents Show that Money Buys Influence - Editorial with evidence cited in court documents

Brennan Center - One of the Groups that was part of the fight for campaign finance reform

"Not a Danger to Free Speech" - editorial by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein

Paying for Politics - Site from Bill Moyers Now; has links and background

Congressman Christopher Shays - press releases and information

The Brookings Institute on Campaign Finance Reform - Links from an organization that supports reform

Straight Talk on Campaign Finance Reform: Separating Fact from Fiction - in PDF format

Press Releases from Senator McCain

Press Releases from Senator Feingold

Limits for Soft Money - editorial by Senator Russ Feingold

Campaign Finance Reform: The Next Steps - editorial by E. J. Dionne

Will Campaign Finance Reform harm Political Parties - column by Thomas Mann

Documents in favor of Campaign Finance Reform - from the Brennan Center for Justice

Letter in favor of campaign finance reform by political science professors - in PDF format

Mitch McConnell's myths about the constitutionality of Campaign Finance Reform - (in PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required)

New Law follows Supreme Court Ruling - requires Adobe Acrobat

Contribution Limits don't hamper Electoral Competition


Arguments opposed to BCRA

On the 5th Anniversary of McCain-Feingold - Essay from Cato Institute, April, 2007

Debate Club: Has Campaign Finance Reform Failed - Online debate from October, 2004

Should the FEC regulate blogging? - Article with a modest proposal

Podcast with Bradley Smith - How Campaign Finance Laws Pervert Politics and why John McCain Won't Shake his Hand

Pass Pence-Wynn so we can fix coordinated expenditures - Editorial endorsing a GOP-backed House proposal to change BCRA

Statement from the Vice Chairman of the FEC supporting the House Pence-Wynn proposal

Letter supporting the House proposal to reform BCRA

Report opposing the Senate 527 Reform Act

Statement opposing the Senate 527 Reform Act

Editorial opposing the Senate 527 Reform Act

Campaign Finance Regulation: Faulty Assumptions and Undemocratic Consequences by Bradley A. Smith

CATO Links on Campaign Law - Think Tank that opposes Campaign Finance Reform from a Libertarian perspective

Why Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Can't be Regulated - Argues that 527s are a perverse but acceptable consequence of Campaign Finance Reform

Panel Discussion on the Supreme Court Decision - includes comments by Kenneth Starr

Campaign Finance Reform and the First Amendment - Congressional Testimony by Bradley A. Smith

McCain-Feingold: A Showcase for the Mega-Rich - Editorial from the Wall Street Journal

Mchael Munger's testimony before Congress on how the bill will affect political parties

Interview on PBS with Senator Mitch McConnell about Campaign Finance Reform

Report of speech by Kenneth Starr opposing BCRA

A Reform that Endangers Free Speech - editorial by By Nadine Strossen, Ira Glasser and Laura W. Murphy

ACLU Press Briefings on Campaign Finance Reform and Free Speech including an argument against regulating 527s

The Farce of Campaign Finance Reform - Links to lots of negative editorials

Healthy Campaigns, Democracy are Compatible - by Mitch McConnell

Center for Individual Freedom - Links to press releases supporting repealing all or part of BCRA

Muzzling 'Soft Money' - editorial by George Will

Why Campaign Funders Do It - editorial by George Will

Campaign Finance "Reform" - editorial by George Will

Let the Sun Shine In - editorial by Charles Krauthammer

Americans for Tax Reform - links to editorials and press releases against McCain-Feingold

Has Campaign Finance Reform made Incumbents Unbeatable - Editorial from the University of Wisconsin paper

Campaign Finance Reform Won't Work - editorial by James Glassman

How Not to Reform Campaign Finance by James C. Miller

"Top Ten Myths about Campaign Finance Reform" - article by Todd Gaziano

John McCain, Call Your Office: Why McCain-Feingold won’t work - by Tod Lindberg

Money and Politics by Tod Lindberg

Hoover Institution: Campaign Finance Site - Conservative Think Tank

Political Money: The New Prohibition by Annelise Anderson

Trillion Dollar Loophole: Why the media loves campaign finance reform - editorial by Ann Coulter

Testimony on Campaign Finance Reform by Ira Glasser of the ACLU (2000)

Testimony on Campaign Finance Reform by Bradley A. Smith (1997)

The Moneybags Rule - article by Arthur F. Fergenson

Making the World Safer for Incumbents by John Samples

What part of "no law" doesn't Congress get? by David Henderson

Soft Money and Politics - Article by James Q. Wilson

ACLU Statement on Campaign Finance Reform

Fatal Flaws in the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act - requires Adobe Acrobat

Against Campaign Finance Reform - Utah Law Review article by Kathleen Sullivan. Requires Adobe Acrobat

The Tao of Dick Gephardt

Campaign Finance Reform and the First Amendment - in PDF format

National Center for Policy Analysis - Public Financing of Campaigns

James Madison Center Analysis: New McCain-Feingold Bill Contains Multiple Provisions That Violate First Amendment Rights of Average Citizens To Participate in Political Process - press release plus the full report (you need Adobe Acrobat to download the full report)

Testimony before Congress against the Campaign Finance Reform Bill - press release with link to download the full testimony in Adobe Acrobat

Rediscovering our political freedom - speech by House Majority Whip, Tom Delay

The ACLU's list of links against campaign finance reform

Campaign Finance Reform: the Good, the Bad, and the Unconstitutional - article from the Heritage Foundation by James Bopp, Jr.

The Liberal Assault on Freedom of Speech - Article that includes Campaign Finance Reform as an argument against liberals


United States Senate - Find a senator

United States House of Representatives - Find a representative

House Proposal to modify campaign finance reform laws to remove limits, opposed by pro-BCRA groups (referred to as Pence-Wynn)

Senate Proposal: 527 Reform Act to modify campaign finance reform laws; sponsored by John McCain and supported by pro-BCRA groups

Summary of 527 Reform Act the proposal that McCain supports to address 527s

Summary of the House Proposal of the 527 Fairness Act (Pence Wynn)

Supreme Court Page on the BCRA with links to the briefs, etc.

Financing the Campaigns: A look at McCain-Feingold and its impact on the 2004 campaign

Public Agenda: Lays out overview of the issue, polling results, and arguments pro and con - overview of the issue and links to find out who gets money from whom

An explanation of what the lower court's decision said and means from Rick Hasen, a professor of election law.

Links to the briefs and amicus briefs

Campaign Finance Reform on C-Span - the text of the laws and how each representative voted

Campaign Finance Institute - Study of 527s

Hearing of Senate Rules and Administration Committee on Regulation of 527s - March, 2005; Read statements from witnesses

Hearing of Senate Rules and Administration Committee on Regulation of 527s -March, 2004; read statements from witnesses

Forget Howard Dean's Mouth: the Real Issue Facing the Democrats is Money - Article looking at how BCRA affected both parties in the 2004 elections, focuses on the Democrats and the impact of 527s

527 and the Campaign Finance Loophole - Explanation of the issure from 2004

A Short History of Campaign Finance Reform in the 1970s - From the FEC

American Bar Association: Campaign Reform - Background info and pro/con arguments

Debatabase - Should limts be put on how candidates raise funds: pro and con

The First Amendment and the Limits of Campaign Finance Reform - article by Daniel R. Ortiz (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Discussion on PBS between Senators McConnell and Feingold on Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Institute - Symposium looking at the effects of BCRA on the 2004 elections

So You Wanna Know About Campaign Finance Reform - Arguments for and against

The Washington Post on Campaign Finance Reform - 1998 report: information, links, news stories, and editorials

Stanford Law Center - Lots of material on Campaign Finance Reform and the various lawsuits pending.

Discussion on PBS of the Constitutionality of the Campaign Finance Reform Bill

Debate from Senators Mitch McConnell and Frank Lautenberg

Campaign Finance Reform - definitions and explanations from the Congressional Research Office

Public Agenda: Campaign Reform - Polling information and summaries of issues

Yahoo news stories on Campaign Finance Reform

The History of Campaign Finance Reform - from the Hoover Institution


Bush v. Gore

In Favor of the Decision

The Continuing Controversy over Bush v. Gore an article by Peter Berkowitz defending the decision

"In Such Manner as the Legislature Thereof May Direct": The Outcome in Bush v Gore Defended an article by Robert Epstein

The Professors and Bush v. Gore - article by Peter Berkowitz and Benjamin Wittes

The Unbearable Rightness of Bush v. Gore - in PDF format

Bush v. Gore - an article that is generally critical of judges making decisions like this, but comes down in favor of the decision, barely.

Judging the Home Crowd - an article assessing the questions asked from the bench

Reckless Disregard - article criticizing Vincent Bugliosi's book on the case

One Year Later: The continuing controversy over Bush v. Gore

Tribe v. Truth - article criticizing academic interpretations of the decision

Critical of the Decision

Bush v Gore: What Were They Thinking? an article by David A. Schwartz

Failure is Impossible - great list of articles criticizing the decision

"Bandits in Black Robes:" Why you should be angry about Bush v. Gore - article

Decision Casts Doubt on Legitimacy of the Presidency - article

A Draft Resolution of Congressional Censure Against United States Supreme Court Justices Kennedy, O'Connor, Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas for Their Betrayal of the American People and the United States Constitution Displayed in the Decisions of Bush v. Gore

A Layman's Guide to Bush v. Gore

None Dare Call it Treason - article by Vincent Bugliosi

The Recount is in and the Supreme Court Loses - editorial by Jeffrey Rosen

In the Middle

In Bush v. Gore, Supreme Court Conservatives Brought Disgrace on Their Institution by Howard Garcia

Bush v. Gore and the Relationship between Rule of Law and Democracy by Bo LI

The Electoral College



Pro and Con Arguments on the Electoral College - by William C. Kimberley former Deputy Director of the FEC

National Popular Vote Compact - Wikipedia Article

Arguments at the Constitutional Convention about the Electoral College

Up-to-date count of state action on National Popular Vote

Electoral College: Preserve or Abolish? - pro and con arguments

Pros and Cons of the Electoral College

Argument For and Against the Electoral College

The Electoral College - by FEC member, William C. Kimberling (in PDF format) - the entire document with the history of the Electoral College

How the Electoral College Works Today

U.S. Electoral College - National Archives History and FAQs

List of Resources on the Electoral College

What is the Electoral College and how does it work? - from CNNfyi

Colorado Weighs Proportional Electoral Votes - USA Today article about Colorado's plan

FAQs on the Electoral College

Arguments in Favor of the Electoral College and against National Popular Vote


What the Electoral College Saves US From - Dan McLaughlin

Is the Electoral College Worth Saving? - by James Q. Wilson

The 'Excellent' Electoral College - Wall Street Journal

The Electoral College is Anything But Outdated by Larry Arnn

The Electoral College Didn't Steal the Election for Trump by James Heaney in The Federalist

The Electoral College Was Not a Pro-Slavery Ploy - Sean Wilentz in the NYT

No, the Electoral College Is Not ‘Affirmative Action’ for Rural Voters Tara Ross in the Daily Signal

Don't Trash the Electoral College - It Works - in Investor's Business Daily

Griping About the Popular Vote? Get Over It by Charles Lane in the Washington Post

Sudden Liberal Opposition to Electora Collge Not About Democracy, but about Power by John Yoo and James Phillips

Don't Demonize the Electoral College - or the Framers - as Racist - John Yoo and

Ditch the Electoral College and Small States Will Suffer by Tara Ross

The Electoral College is an Excellent System by George Will

Hillary's Popular-Vote Win is (Mostly) Meaningless by David French

The Electoral College is Brilliant and We Would Be Insane to Abolish It - from Business Insider


Liberals who Claim the Electoral College is Racist Need a History Lesson by Kayleigh McEnany

Dump the electoral college? Bad idea, says Al Gore’s former campaign chairman by William Daley in the Washington Post

In Defense of the Electoral College by Allen Guelzo and James Hulme in the Washington Post

The Electoral College is Actually Awesome by Edward Morrissey

Killing the Electoral College is a Dumb Idea Pushed by Ignorant People by Donna Carol Voss in The Federalist

In Defense of the Electoral College: Five reasons to keep our despised method of choosing the president by Judge Richard A. Posner

In Defense of the Electoral College by John Samples

The Heritage Guide to the Electoral College - explains how the E.C. upholds federalism.

The Electoral College Is an Excellent System by George Will

The Electoral College is Brilliant and We Would Be Insane to Abolish It - from Business Insider

Pilloring Pillar of Political Stability by Steve Forbes (free registration may be required)

Electoral College Mischief - Wall Street Journal editorial against reform of the E.C.

Math Against Tyranny - article from Discover Magazine

Why National Popular Vote is a Bad Idea

Trash the Compact - article against the National Popular Vote compact idea by Pete Du Pont

Why National Popular Vote is a Bad Idea by Curtis Gans of the DNC in the Huffington Post

Electoral College and the American Idea of Democracy - by Martin Diamond (in PDF format)

For the Electoral College - from

The Framers' Electoral Wisdom - column by George Will

Schwarzenegger's Veto - column by George Will against the National Popular Vote concept

Hands off the Electoral College - article by Ron Paul

Keeping the College: Debunking the Myths - article from National Review

GOP Electors Cite Rural Voice in Electoral College

The Electoral College is not 'Affirmative Action' for Rural Voters by Tara Ross

Statement by Senator Patrick Moynihan

Testimony before the House Judiciary Committee by Walter Berns of the American Enterprise Institute

Testimony before the House Judiciary Committee by Judith A. Best

Arguments for the Electoral College by the Gilder Lehrman Institute

Minority View on the Direct Popular Election of the President before the Senate Judiciary Committee

The Electoral College: Crisis Averted

National Popular Vote Compact Study: Opposing Arguments by the League of Women Voters

Six Reasons to Reject the National Popular Vote for Louisiana

Why National Popular Vote is a Bad Idea

Federalist #39 - James Madison

Federalist #68 - Alexander Hamilton

Arguments Against the Electoral College and for the National Popular Vote

Concerns with the Electoral College

Electoral College: An Obsolete Concept?

It is Time for the Electoral College to Ratify the Popular Vote: The National Popular Vote Project Has the Solution by Nell Minow in the Huffington Post

10 Reasons Why the Electoral College is a Problem by Eric Black

National Popular Vote Far Better than Electoral College System for Choosing Presidents, Stanford Professors Say

Time to End the Electoral College - New York Times editorial

The Electoral College Is an Instrument of White Supremacy - and Sexism by Mark Joseph Stern in Slate

It's Time to Kill the Electoral College by Paul Waldman

The racial history of the Electoral College by Kamala Kelkar

The Case Against the Electoral College is Stronger than Ever by Adam Eighen

Electoral College Belongs in 1787 by Representative John Conyers (D- MI)

These 3 Common Arguments for Preserving the Electoral College are Wrong by Robert Speel in Time Magazine

The Electoral College is the Greatest Threat to our Democracy by Jamelle Bouie

A Better Way to Pick the Next President: The National Popular Vote Compact by Karen Hobert Flynn in The Daily Beast

A Rebuttal of Richard Posner's Moronic Defense of the Electoral College by Hamilton Nolan

5 Reasons the Electoral Collge is Bad for Our Country by The Alternative Daily

Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College by Tyler Lewis

Why the Electoral College is the Absolute Worst, explained by Vox

Arguments Against the Electoral College by the Gilder Lehrman Institute

The Electoral College Votes against Equality - article by Professors Akhil Amar and Vikram Amar

"It's Time to End the Electoral College" - column by Katrina vanden Heuvel

"The Electoral College Has Got to Go - Timothy Noah

The Indefensible Electoral Collge - article from Mother Jones

History, Slavery, Sexism, the South, and the Electoral College - article by law professors Akhil Reed Amar and Vikram David Amar (Part I of a three part series - here is Part II and Part III)

Reform Options for the Electoral College

Repairing the Electoral College - in PDF format

Hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on an amendment to change the Electoral College in 1973

Get Rid of the Electoral College

Fair Vote - Presidential Election Campaign Reform - summarizes arguments against the Electoral College and proposed reform plans

National Popular Vote - Devoted to instituting the interstate compact against the Electoral College

The Case for a National Popular Vote - Salon Magazine

Responses to Myths about the National Popular Vote and refutations of pro-Electoral College arguments

A Conservative Case for the National Popular Vote

Against the Electoral College - from

The Racism of the Electoral College Mathematically Demonstrated

Reform Proposals for the Electoral College - from Green Papers

National Popular Vote: The Recount Bugaboo by Hendrik Hertzberg

Dispelling the Major Legal Arguments against the National Popular Vote


Electoral College Calculators

270toWin - Presidential Election Map (You can click to change the map)

CNN Electoral College Interactive

Electoral College Calculator and Map Generator - 2016


Media Bias

Material for the Class Debate

(Be careful - there is a lot of stuff on the media put up by individuals writing essays or by bloggers. They may be factual and they may not. I'm just providing you some links to get started. You decide if the site's information is accurate.)

The Pew Research Center: the News Media Data and poll results from the nonpartisan organization about issues relating to the news media

PressThink - blog by Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at Columbia. Not really on press bias but lots of commentary on the press. He also provides many links to blogs and sites that write about the media from both a right and left perspective.

Gallup Poll - Perceptions of the media, October 2007

Pew Poll - Coverage of 2008 primary elections

There is a Liberal Bias

The Media Research Council - Group that is devoted to chronicling liberal bias in the media every single day. Lots of information here. This is your one-stop shopping in liberal bias theory and information.

Media Bias Basics - A primer on bias from the MRC

Rise and Shine on Democrats: How the ABC, CBS and NBC Morning Shows Are Promoting Democrats On the Road to the White House - From the MRC

Newsbusters - A blog from the MRC devoted to detailing and combating bias in the media

The Real Media Matters - An article from National Review looking at the links between Media Matters and Democrats

Bum Rush - another article criticizing Media Matters and looking at the link with Hillary Clinton

Three Anchors Follow Obama Abroad - Washington Post article contrasting media coverage of Obama and McCain

Oh, That Liberal Media - A blog devoted to talking about liberal bias in the media

Times Watch - A site devoted to talking about bias at the New York Times

ChronWatch - A site devoted to talking about bias at the San Francisco Chronicle

Midterm Coverage of the 2006 Congressional races - Study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs - Site devoted to exposing bias of Dan Rather

A Measure of Media Bias - Study done by two professors at Stanford and the University of Chicago

Bias at Sixty Minutes - from the Media Research Council

Honest - Site devoted to detecting media bias against Israel

Biased BBC - Blog devoted to talking about bias at the BBC

Is Newspaper Reporting of Economic Events Politically Biased? by John Lott and Kevin Hasssett (pdf file)


There is No Liberal Bias; In Fact, There is a Conservative Bias

Media Matters - Site devoted to exposing conservative news bias - lots of links and stories

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - Group that is devoted to chronicling bias (mostly conservative) in the media. Lots of information here.

Media Lies and Right Wing Bias - Check out the links

The Conservative Advantage in Syndicated Op-Ed Columns - Report from Media Matters

Newshounds - "We watch Fox News so you won't have to" - blog run by researchers for the documentary Outfoxed about Fox News.

On The Bias - reports results that contradict the claim that conservatives are identified more frequently than liberals in news reports.

Online Journal - Site criticizing the media from the Left point of view

What Liberal Bias - site for Eric Alterman's book of the same title. Check the appendices for charts of information

TV News Lies - Site devoted to bias protecting Republicans. Lots of links

ConWebWatch - A site devoted to exposing inaccuracies in conservative web sites

Take Back the Media - explores how conservatives manipulate the press


Interest Groups




American Bar Association

American Conservative Union

American Farm Bureau

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

American Medical Association

Americans for Democratic Action

Association of Trial Lawyers of America

The Business Roundtable

Center for Equal Opportunity

Christian Coalition

Club For Growth

Council on American-Islamic Relations

Eagle Forum

Emily's List

Environmental Defense Fund

Family Research Council

Green Peace

Handgun Control, Inc

Independent Women's Forum



National Association of Manufacturers

National Organization for Women

National Resources Defense Council

National Right to Life



Organizing for Action


Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Public Citizen


Sierra Club

Susan B. Anthony List - pro-life group

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Affirmative Action

Background Information

Samplings from briefs filed at the Court

"So you wanna know about Affirmative Action"

Law schools face intense scrutiny

Face, gender, and Affirmative Action: a resource page for teachers

Affirmative Action and College Admissions

University of Michigan Calculator - calculate your own chances of getting into UM


Arguments for Affirmative Action

A speech by an MIT professor from 1998

Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: A Web Page for Research

Why do we need Affirmative Action

Making the case for Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action

The Need for Affirmative Action


Arguments against Affirmative Action

Americans against discrimination and preferences

Don't Do Me Any Favors: The Case against Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action: Playing Favorites

Arguments against Affirmative Action

Unchain Our Schools

Affirmative Action: What does it affirm?