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America at War - Assignments

The Revolutionary War

Study Guide - Unit One: Seeds of Rebellion

Reading Questions - Unit One

Study Guide - Unit Two: Rise to Rebellion

Reading Questions - Unit Two

Boston Massacre Trial

Background Information

Advice to Attorneys



Revolutionary Battle Presentations - Assignment

Revolutionary Battle Presentations - Plan of Action

Study Guide - Unit Three: Military Action

Reading Questions - Unit Three Military Action

Debate over Independence

Study Guide - Unit Four: The Meaning of Revolution

Reading Questions: Unit Four

Reading Questions on Religion and the Revolution

The Civil War

Civil War Battlefield Presentations

Battle Presentation Plan of Action

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Civil War Unit One: Sectionalism and Slavery

Reading Questions for Unit One

Civil War Unit Two: Dred Scott, and Politics

Reading Questions for Unit Two

Excerpts from the House Divided Speech

Excerpts from the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Civil War Unit Three: The Outbreak of the War

Reading Questions for Unit Three

Reading Questions p. 428 - 453

Press Conference for the Peninsular and Seven Days Campaigns

Civil War Unit Four: From Shiloh to Chancellorsville

Reading Questions for Unit Four

Civil War Unit Five: Gettysburg and The Killer Angels

Reading Questions for Gettysburg

Civil War Unit Six: From Gettysburg to Lincoln's Reelection

Reading Questions for Unit Six

Civil War Unit Seven: Northern Victory, Southern Defeat

Study Guide for Unit Seven

Reading Questions for Unit Seven

Article Assignment

Best and Worst Generals Assignment