The War of 1812
Multiple-choice exercise

1Prior to the War of 1812, the United States wanted to
side with France against Britain
side with Britain against France.
stay out of the conflict between France and Britain
go to war with both France and britain

2The people most opposed to the War of 1812 were
mid-Atlantic farmers.
New England merchants.
western frontiersmen.
Southern plantation owners.

3Which of the following BEST describes how the War of 1812 affected the Federalists?
It increased their power.
It somewhat strengthened their power.
It destroyed their power at a national leve.
It somewhat weakened their power in New England.

4This man built a strong confederacy among Native Americans in Ohio, INdiana, and Michigan
William Henry Harrison
the Prophet
Henry Clay

5This man destroyed the British naval forces on Lake Erie.
Oliver Hazard Perry
William Henry Harrison
Andrew Jackson
William Hull

6Tecumseh was killed at the Battle of
New Orleans
Lake Erie
the Thames
Fort McHenry

7One direct result of the Battle of New Orleans was that
it spurred the Americans to victory in the Battle of the Thames.
Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner."
Tecumseh was killed and the Indian confederation fell apart.
Andrew Jackson became a national hero

8The War Hawks wanted all of the following EXCEPT
to side with Native Americans against the British.
an excuse to conquer Canada.
revenge on Britain for attacking American ships.
to stop Britain from arming Indians on the frontier.

9The War of 1812 was a result of all the following EXCEPT
a growing sense of nationalism among the War Hawks.
a desire for revenge against Britain for attacking American ships.
the belief of the War Hawks that Britain was arming Native Americans to fight against white settlers.
the desire of New Englanders for war with Britain.

10The Hartford Convention met in December 1814 because New Englanders
supported Madison
thought that the British blockade hurt their trade.
felt that New England would benefit from lands gained in Canada and Florida.
wanted control of the Great Lakes.

11The most important effect of the Hartford Convention was that it
ended the War of 1812.
damaged the Federalist party.
approved the Treaty of Ghent
confirmed New England's support for expansion.

12Aside from stopping the fighting, the Treaty of Ghent established
the end of imporessment of American sailors by the British.
borders between Canada and the United States.
a guarantee of British respect for American neutrality.
nothing important.

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