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Progressive Era at Home and Abroad

APUSH Summer Reading Assignment - 2018

Summer Assignment - in Word

Summer Assignment - in a PDF

Buy the book: American Colonies by Alan Taylor

Video Link for the Summer Assignment: "After the Mayflower"

Textbook for the year

We use America's History by James Henretta et al, 9th edition


You can purchase the summer reading book from students who used the book this year or last year.

Presidential Review Charts Assignments 2018-2019

Research Project

Check List for First Draft

Example from James McPherson's Battle Cry of Freedom of how to weave quotes from primary sources into your writing.

Colonial History

Study Guide and Assignments for this Unit

Chart on Native American Cultures

Chart on the 13 Colonies

Self-correcting quizzes for this unit

Chart on European Settlement of the New World

Primary Documents for this Unit

Maryland Toleration Act

Mayflower Compact

Winthrop's Modell of Christian Charity

Suffolk County Court Cases

Video on how to write a Short Answer Question

Roger Williams

Anne Hutchinson

Salem Testimony against Bridget Bishop

Gottlieb Mittelberger: On the Misfortune of Indentured Servants

Defense of Slavery in Virginia

Virginia Laws for Blacks

Navigation Act

Excerpts from Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

Benjamin Franklin on George Whitefield

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Study Guide and Assignments for this unit

Road to Revolution Chart

Excerpt from Pauline Maier's Ratification

Primary Documents for this Unit

Stamp Act Congress

Declaration of Resolves of the First Continental Congress

"What led the colonists into open revolt?"

Excerpts from Common Sense

Charles Inglis: The True Interest of America

Patrick Henry Speech

Declaration of Independence

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Building a New Nation

Study Guide and Assignments for this unit

Study Guide changes after Hurricane

Worksheet contrasting the Federalists and Republican Parties

Cabinet Battle #1 from Hamilton: An American Musical

Cabinet Battle #2 from Hamilton: An American Musical

Excerpts from Washington's Farewell Address

Political Ads for 1796

Political Ads for 1800

Kentucky Resolutions

Documents for the Debate on Going to War against the British in 1812

Presidency Charts: Washington through Monroe

The Jacksonian Era

Study Guide and Assignments

Video: A Nation of Drunkards and A Strange Quiet

Comedy routine on Andrew Jackson

Daniel Webster's speech in the Webster-Hayne Debate and Andrew Jackson's Proclamation to the People of South Carolina

Excerpt from Jackson's veto of the Bank recharter bill

Presidency Chart - John Quincy Adams

Presidency Chart - Andrew Jackson

Presidency Chart - Martin Van Buren

Presidency Chart - William Henry Harrison and John Tyler

Antebellum Reformers Roundtable

Self Correcting quizzes for this unit

Sectionalism, the Road to Civil War, and the Civil War

Study Guide and Assignments

Mexican War Debate Documents

Debate over the Compromise of 1850

Lincoln's Cooper Union Speech: [Start at 1:12:56 – (about 12 min) or stop at1:15:37 and start again at 1:19:47 to 1:24:03 (about 8 min)] This is fun to watch if you want the feel of listening to one of Lincoln's most famous speeches.

Presidency Chart - James K. Polk

Presidency Chart - Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore

Presidency Chart - Franklin Pierce

Presidency Chart - James Buchanan

Presidency Chart - Abraham Lincoln

Gettysburg Address

Lincoln's Second Inaugural

Reconstruction and Post-War America

Study Guide and Assignments on Post-War America

Reconstruction Plans Chart

How the Civil War Changed the Constitution

Why Reconstruction Matters

Excerpts from the Turner Thesis

Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth, Frederick Winslow Taylor's Scientific Managenent, Life in a Southern Mill

Preamble to the Constiution of the Knights of Labor

Presidency Chart - Andrew Johnson

Presidency Chart - Ulysses S. Grant


Study Guide for the Midterm

Group Review for APUSH Midterm 2018

The Gilded Age

Study Guide on the Gilded Age

Plunkitt Reading

The New South by Henry Grady

Presidency Charts: Hayes through Cleveland


Progressive Era at Home and Abroad

Study Guide on the Progressive Era at Home and Abroad

Women and the Progressive Movement - article by Miriam Cohen

Documents on Women's Suffrage - for debate

Progressive Party Platfrom 1912

Debate Documents on the Philippines

Foreign Policy Chart

Progressive Reforms Chart

Presidency Chart - William McKinley

Presidency Chart - Theodore Roosevelt

Presidency Chart - William Howard Taft

Presidency Chart - Woodrow Wilson

World War One and The Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression

Study Guide on World War One, the Roaring Twenties, and the Great Depression

Treaty of Versailles

World War One Speeches

New Deal Programs Chart

Check List for First Draft

Presidency Chart - Woodrow Wilson - Foreign Policy

Presidency Chart - Warren G. Harding

Presidency Chart - Calvin Coolidge

Presidency Chart - Herbert Hoover

Presidency Chart - Franklin D. Roosevelt - Domestic Policy - Both Pages

From Isolation to World War Two

The Cold War and the Fifties

Study Guide on World War Two through the Fifties

Student Interactive on U.S. actions leading up to WWII in Europe and Asia

Japanese Internment Documents

Lindbergh Speech: "Neutrality and War"

Documents on Dropping the Bomb

Truman Doctrine Excerpts

Videos on the Beginnings of the Cold War

Churchill Iron Curtain Speech at Fulton

Video on the Berlin Airlift

Video on the Truman Doctrine

Videos on the Second Red Scare

He May Be a Communist

Duck and Cover

Make Mine Freedom

Watch this short video about the downfall of Joe McCarthy.

Civil Rights in the Fifties

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Eisenhower on Integration

Little Rock Nine

Presidency Charts - FDR Foreign Policy (pages one and two) through Truman and Eisenhower

Cold War Timeline

The Sixties, Vietnam, and the Seventies

Study Guide: From the Sixties to the Nineties

Kennedy Inaugural Address

Video of JFK's complete Inaugural Address

Documentary on 1968

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

MLK's From Selma to Montgomery Speech "Our God is Marching On"

Civil Rights Chart

Roundtable Discussion

Presidency Chart - John F. Kennedy

Presidency Chart - Lyndon B. Johnson

Presidency Chart - Richard Nixon


APUSH Review

Review Questions and Study Guide for the AP Exam

Movies and History Project for Final Grade