Bio-Poem Examples



Husband of Penelope, Father of Telemachus, Revered hero of all

Who likes adventure, the ladies, and good food

Who dislikes savages, weaklings, and hypocrites

Who hopes to return home, to go back in time

Who fears the loss of his status

Greek Hero





Father of Jem and Scout, Defender of Tom Robinson

Who likes peace, equality, and Calpurnia’s cooking

Who dislikes ideas, not people

Who fears the death of mockingbirds

Who hopes that one day justice will prevail






Wife of Odysseus, Mother of Telemachus, Favorite of the gods

Who likes the sweet sleep Athena gives her to stop her crying

Who dislikes the presumption of the suitors and the position of women in Greece

Who fears reality, her own heart, making a decision

Who is perhaps more complicated than even Homer realizes

Who hopes her cleverness can win the day

Who hopes her husband will come home

Who hopes to find true love