1307 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
College Reps Information
Visiting Our Campus
Our school welcomes visits from all colleges in order to expose our students to a variety of institutions. Please check in at the main office to receive your visitor's badge.

Raleigh Charter High School uses SCOIR.com to schedule private visits to our campus. Visiting college representatives should follow the steps below to select and confirm the date and time of their fall visit to our campus. We hope this approach provides each admission officer an efficient method of arranging these visits. Thank you for taking the time to visit with our students!

Step 1: Visit SCOIR.com.
Step 2: Create an account.
Step 3: Search for "Raleigh Charter High School."

We strongly encourage visiting colleges to schedule their visits as soon as possible. In the event the date and/or times available online do not match your travel plans, please contact Glenda Atkinson at (919) 715-1360.

For directions to our school, please click here.
Raleigh Charter High School Profile and RCHS Curriculum Guide for College Representatives.
Raleigh Charter has an abbreviated school day and in order to protect valuable class time, we prefer to schedule college visits before school (8:50am), during lunch (12:30pm) (don't worry, we won't put you in a cafeteria all of our meetings are held in the conference room) and after school (2:45pm). However, if these times don't meet your needs, we will schedule 30 minute sessions at other times during class with the understanding that students may not be able to attend at other times as teachers must give permission to miss class time.
You may park on the school campus in designated visitor parking spaces near the main entrance. If visitor parking is filled, you may park along adjacent Washington Street being sure to observe posted parking regulatory signs.
We are always considering new programming ideas and are creating a database of contacts for our programs. If you would like to be included in our database or if you would like to participate in our panel discussion during our College Night for Juniors in mid-September, please send us your contact information.

We look forward to your visit!