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Prepare for your campus visits.
Read this for information ranging from how to schedule a visit to what questions to ask while you're there.
META Sites
The following sites are starting points for the entire college search process, generally with information about the mechanics of applying for admission and financial aid, links to particular colleges and other Internet resources—one-stop shopping, of sorts. Search engines such as AltaVista, Excite, the Microsoft Network and Yahoo often feature extensive college and university sections as well.
Princeton Review
The sampling of websites below may be of value to students considering specific aspects of the college experience (e.g. religious life). These locations often link to other Internet resources.
www.time.com (African American)
www.bestcolleges.com (Multicultural)
www.hsf.net (Hispanic American)
www.aihec.org (Native American)
www.dmoz.org/Society/Religion_and_Spirituality... (Catholic, Protestant)
www.accunet.org (Catholic)
www.christiancollegesearch.com (Protestant)
www.hillel.org (Jewish)
www.uh.edu/campus/msa/ (Muslim)
www.greekpages.com (Greek life)
www.greekchat.com (Greek life)

www.campustours.com links for virtual college campus tours
www.commonapp.org - Common Application Online
www.ctcl.com - learn about the institutions in author Loren Popes book, Colleges That Change Lives, published by Penguin Books and available for checkout in the College Counseling Offices Resource Library. These 40 colleges have a proven ability to develop potential, values, initiative, and risk-taking in a wide range of students.

College Websites
Select a letter to bring up the corresponding list of colleges and the links to their homepage.
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UC/Berkeley www.berkeley.edu
UC/Davis www.ucdavis.edu
UC/LA www.ucla.edu
UC/San Diego www.ucsd.edu
UC/Santa Cruz www.ucsc.edu/admissions
United States Air Force Academy www.usafa.edu
United States Merchant Marine Academy www.usmma.edu
United States Military Academy www.usma.edu
United States Naval Academy www.usna.edu
University of Arizona www.arizona.edu
University of Arkansas www.uark.edu
University of Chicago www.uchicago.edu
University of Cincinnati www.uc.edu
University of Colorado/Boulder www.colorado.edu
University of Connecticut/Storrs www.uconn.edu
University of Dallas www.udallas.edu
University of Delaware www.udel.edu
University of Denver www.du.edu
University of Florida www.ufl.edu
University of Georgia www.uga.edu
University of Houston www.uh.edu
University of Illinois/Urbana www.uiuc.edu
University of Iowa www.uiowa.edu
University of Kansas www.ku.edu
University of Kentucky www.uky.edu
University of Louisville www.louisville.edu
University of Maine/Orono www.umaine.edu
University of Maryland/College Park www.uga.umd.edu
University of Massachusetts/Amherst www.umass.edu
University of Michigan www.umich.edu
University of Mississippi www.olemiss.edu
University of Missouri www.missouri.edu
University of Missouri/Rolla www.umr.edu
University of Montana/Missoula www.umt.edu
University of Nebraska/Lincoln www.unl.edu
University of Nevada/Las Vegas www.unlv.edu
University of New Mexico www.unm.edu
University of Notre Dame www.nd.edu
University of Oklahoma www.ou.edu
University of Oregon www.uoregon.edu
University of Pennsylvania www.upenn.edu
University of Pittsburgh www.pitt.edu
University of Puget Sound www.ups.edu
University of Richmond www.richmond.edu
University of Rochester www.rochester.edu
University of San Diego www.sandiego.edu
University of Seattle www.seattleu.edu
University of Southern California www.usc.edu
University of Tennessee/Knoxville www.utk.edu
University of Texas/Austin www.utexas.edu
University of the Ozarks www.ozarks.edu
University of the Pacific www.uop.edu
University of the South www.sewanee.edu
University of Tulsa www.utulsa.edu
University of Vermont www.uvm.edu
University of Virginia www.virginia.edu
University of Wisconsin/Madison www.wisc.edu
University of Wyoming www.uwyo.edu