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Active, social, and creative learning activities
Model Schools Conference June 2010 (PowerPoint presentation)
Instructional Strategies
History Activities
Antebellum Reformers Round Table
Articles of Confederation
Contentious Fifties Dinner Table Conversation
Founding Brothers Press Conference
Math/Science Activities
Flyswatter Linear Introduction (PowerPoint presentation)
Preparation for Algebra II Final Exam
Lab - Spaghetti Trig
RedBlack Solving One Step Equations
Matching Vertical Discontinuites
Solar System Mining
Language Arts Activities
Macbeth Alternative Assessment English II
Macbeth 4.3 Study Guide
No Witchcraft for Sale English II
Silent Moving Discussion on Things Fall Apart
World Languages Activities
Command forms and Prepositions (Accusative or Dative) German or Languages
Relative pronouns Languages - Intermediate to Advanced