1307 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
About Us

Our Mission

Raleigh Charter High School challenges college-bound students in a creative and supportive atmosphere to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, contributing citizens. Our students learn to be citizens in a challenging academic setting.

We graduate citizens of the world by creating an interconnected learning environment that combines a demanding college-preparatory education with a curriculum that teaches and models citizenship skills. We involve our students in many resources of downtown Raleigh—the government, performing arts, social services and the international community. RCHS will be a place of opportunity for highly motivated students and actively involved parents.

Our lessons stress active, social, and creative learning. Our students engage in serious lessons, and we hope that there is a lot of room for fun in their learning as well. Our teachers love to learn and to teach. We hope that our students will develop much knowledge and many skills as well as a deep love for learning.

Our school was founded on three important ideas:

• To provide a challenging, college-preparatory education,
• To encourage learning in an active, social, and creative environment, and
• To nurture and sustain citizens while fostering citizenship in an academic setting

As a charter school, we take seriously the charge to experiment and innovate. Six times a year, Ex Days extend periods so that student can have longer classes (95 minutes instead of 45) for greater depth in laboratories, simulations, and projects. Twice a year, Flex Days give students four half days to explore curricular subjects in a field experience or in another extended and in-depth manner. Twice a year, Community Work Days offer students choices to learn how they can understand community needs and contribute locally.

In addition to these special days, we believe that students can daily build knowledge and skills in order to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and contributing citizens.

Charter schools offer choices to students and parents. Raleigh Charter High School is an educational laboratory where our college-bound citizen-students learn and grow.

We are a tuition-free, independent public school chartered by the State of North Carolina.

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Each year our students have distinguished themselves by doing well on the state-mandated End-of-Course tests.

2004-2012 Honor School of Excellence
2000-2004 School of Excellence
1999-2000 School of Distinction

2014 National Blue Ribbon School

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