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Raleigh Charter High School challenges college-bound students in a creative and supportive environment to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, contributing citizens.

Welcome Back, Forever Phoenix!
We speak of you often and love hearing how you are, where you are, and what you are doing! We look forward to seeing you whenever you can return for a visit.

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Staying Connected to Raleigh Charter
Alumni information is shared via the RCHS Alumni Facebook group, which you can join by clicking here. We also send out a monthly alumni newsletter containing school and alumni news, interviews with alumni and volunteer opportunities. To sign up for the RCHS Alumni Update newsletter, please complete the form to the right.

Interested in planning a reunion? We can help! Email us at alumni@raleighcharterhs.org for more information.

Giving Back to Raleigh Charter
RCHS continues to rely on individuals contributing their time, talent and financial resources. Even though you have graduated, there are many ways you can support the school in the months and years ahead ensuring that the experiences you had at RCHS continue to be available for others. There will be many volunteer opportunities (watch the RCHS home page and alumni newsletter) and we welcome any help you can offer.
Making a Gift to Raleigh Charter

If you are able to consider a gift to the school, please go to the Giving page to learn more about financial support of our annual Phoenix Fund. Don't forget to check our list of matching gift companies as many employers may offer ways to match your gift!

News, ideas, suggestions and questions for the RCHS Alumni Relations Office are welcome anytime by contacting alumni@raleighcharterhs.org.