1. Review Resources compiled by other APES Teachers...Generally well done. There are some good checklists for figures in your textbook (a good way to review), another explanation of some atmospheric pollution chemistry, species information, laws, and a general list of concepts for each chapter.
    • If you want to review some chemistry quickly, check out this embedded webpage.
  2. Free Response Questions from previous AP Exams. Solutions are provided for all questions from 1998-2012. (Ms. Cone also has solutions in class.)
  3. Scientific Notation Practice:

Other Outside Resources:

  1. Hyperlinked outline for AP Environmental Science ***Great Resource
  2. Online Resources for your textbook. The quality of the review tools vary, but this is a great way to quickly test yourself (quizzes, flashcards, etc--most require shockwave)
  3. The World's Biomes from UCal Berkeley A good way to review environmental geography
  4. BBC News Guide to Climate Change (This and the next two are older, but still useful)
  5. BBC News--Planet Under Pressure series A good, quick overview of major environmental problems.
  6. BBC News Energy Efficiency quiz A good way to check knowledge--there are many other online quizzes available on BBC. Sometimes they can be a bit too specific, so don't worry if you get things wrong, but use them as a fun way to take stock of where you are in your knowledge.

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