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Week of August 11 - 22

Donald Trump is certainly not the first businessman to run for the presidency.  Answer these questions about other businessmen who have jumped into the race for the White House.

1) See if this sounds familiar.  Name this businessman with no prior political experience who had been a Democrat until he became a Republican to run for the presidency.  He had served as the president of Commonwealth and Southern Corporation and led the fight against the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Wendell Wilkie who ran in 1940

2) Trump isn’t the first billionaire to run for the presidency.  Name this billionaire who founded Electronic Data Systems which he sold to GM for $2.4 billion.  He launched his independent run for the presidency from a popular CNN talk show of the time, The Larry King Show.  He ran a second time four years later after forming the Reform Party.  Many people know him today from Dana Carvey’s impersonation. Ross Perot

3) Not every businessman who ran for the presidency was a wealthy man.  Name this man who eventually became president.  He started his work career by running haberdashery or men’s clothing story that eventually failed. Harry Truman

Week of August 22 - 29

With all the attention on the two party conventions this summer, it seems appropriate to have some questions on past conventions.

1) With all the focus on last-minute maneuvering among some Republicans to try to deny the nomination to Donald Trump this year, that was nothing to this Democratic convention which took 103 ballots and 16 days to finally select a nominee.  Sometimes, this convention is called the “Klanbake” because one of the candidates was supported by the KKK which was at the height of its power in this period.  The eventual winner of the nomination went on to lose spectacularly in the general election.  He is perhaps better known for  representing the losing side in the landmark Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education.  Name the year and eventual nominee of this convention. 

John W. Davis in 1924

2) In the history of American political conventions, who was the first person who accepted his party's nomination in person at the convention? 

Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932

3) Name the year, party, and presidential candidate for the convention at which pigeons were released to symbolize "doves of peace" but ended bombarding the delegates with their droppings.

1948, the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia when they nominated Harry Truman

Week of August 29 - September 5

If either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump were to be sworn in on January 20, 2017, they would defy a trend in American presidents.  The average age of our presidents has been about 55 years old when taking the oath of office.  She would be 69 on Inauguration Day, 2017 and he is already 70 years old.  All but four presidents were between the ages of 45 and 65 at the time they took office.  Two were younger and two were older.  Name those four presidents.

The two older presidents were William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan. The two younger presidents were Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

Week of September 5 - 12

We’ve talked in AP Government about felon voting rights.  However, there are several figures in American history who had been convicted of a crime and either ran for office from prison or with convictions on their records.  Answer these questions about such men.

1) Identify this man who ran for the presidency five times on the Socialist Party ticket, the last time he was in jail having been convicted under the Sedition Act which had been passed during WWI. Eugene V. Debs

2) Name this member of the House of Representatives from both Vermont and Kentucky who, in a famous episode from American history, had written editorials charging that the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 were unconstitutional and was convicted of violating those laws and put in jail.  He ran for office from his jail cell and won election. Matthew Lyon

3) Name this former mayor of Washington, D.C. who was arrested by the FBI as part of a sting operation that caught him smoking crack cocaine.  He was convicted and sent to prison.  When he finished his sentence, he was elected again to serve as mayor and then served on the Council of the District of Columbia until his death in 2014. Marion Barry

Week of September 12 - 19

Name these lesser known, yet still important, Founding Fathers

1. This man wrote much of the actual words of the Constitution, including the famous “We the People…” preamble.  He was known for his many love affairs and reportedly lost his leg when he jumped from a window to escape a jealous husband.  He served as ambassador to France during the Reign of Terror. Gouverneur Morris

2. This man was a major financier of the Revolution, managing the economy of the new country.  He personally financed most of the ships American privateers used in the war and paid for an estimated 80% of the bullets used in the war and supplied the funds to supply Washington’s army at Yorktown.  In 1781, he also paid much of the debt of the country out of his personal fortune.  Despite all his efforts to finance the newborn country, he, unfortunately, lost most of fortune after he speculated in land. Robert Morris

3. This founder served as a governor (or as it was titled at the time – the president) of both Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Despite his arguments against the British power to tax the colonists, he sought reconciliation with Britain and opposed declaring independence.  He refused to sign the Declaration of Independence, but resigned from the Continental Congress and joined the Pennsylvania and later the Delaware militia.  He also drafted the Articles of Confederation.  He donated his library to a Pennsylvania college that is now named for him. John Dickinson

Week of September 19 - 26

Name these vice presidents or vice-presidential candidates who resigned. 

1. Name this famous 19th century politician who has the distinction of having served for two consecutive presidents who actually had faced each other in election.  He resigned his position under the second president he served and became a senator from South Carolina. John C. Calhoun

2. Only the second vice president to resign his office, this man had to resign to face charges of accepting bribes while he had been both Governor of Maryland and Vice President.  Name this man who resigned as part of plea deal to escape worse charges and whose resignation triggered the first use of the 25th Amendment. Spiro Agnew

3. This man never became vice president.  Name this man who was only briefly on the Democratic presidential ticket.  During the election campaign, it was revealed that he’d received electric-shock treatment for depression.  The presidential candidate first said that he supported this man “1000 per cent,” but despite this mathematically impossible level of support, the ensuing uproar led this man to resign from the campaign.  He was replaced the man who would one day be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father-in-law. Thomas Eagleton

Week of September 26 - October 3

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

Since we’ve been discussing in GoPo key moments in the history of political debates, here are some questions about the history of presidential debates in American elections.

1) In what year and during a debate between what two candidates, did the audio feed from the debate go out?  For 27 minutes, the two candidates just stood there on camera without speaking. Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter did this in 1976

2) Which Democratic candidate used a Wendy’s slogan that had become a popular catchphrase in the 1980s to such good effect to indicate the emptiness of another Democratic candidate’s call for “new ideas” that it helped him win the nomination, although he went on to lose in the general election?  Walter Mondale

3) Which presidential and vice presidential candidates both referred to one of their opponent’s having a gay daughter during their debates?  These episodes consumed much of the post-debate discussion and led that daughter’s mother to say that the presidential candidate was “not a good man.” John Kerry and John Edwards

Week of October 3 - 10

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

Answer these questions about presidential dogs.

1. Which president had a dog famed for his loyalty who reportedly howled for the three days prior to that president’s death?  Paperboys gathered 19,134 pennies to pay for a statue of the dog which now is owned by the Smithsonian.  Warren Harding

2. Which president’s Scottish terrier starred in an MGM film about a typical day in the White House?  The President also used the dog in a presidential speech to make fun of his opponents who had alleged that he had supposedly spent millions of dollars to retrieve the dog when it was left behind in the Aleutian Islands.  The dog also acted very strangely when the President died.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

3. Which president was deeply criticized for lifting his two beagles by their ears to make them bark? Lyndon B. Johnson

Week of October 10 - 17

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

Answer these questions about Secretaries of State that come from Jeopardy.

1. This question comes courtesy of the Final Jeopardy Battle of the Decades tournament a couple of years ago.  The entire contest to find the overall best Jeopardy champion and winner of the $1,000,000 grand prize came down to a question from American history.  See how you can do.

Name the only two Secretaries of State, serving 160 years apart, who are the only Secretaries of State never to have married.  One of them went on to become our only bachelor president. James Buchanan and Condoleezza Rice

2) This question is from last week on Jeopardy.  Name these two Secretaries of State who both graduated ten years apart in political science from Wellesley. Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton

Week of October 17 - 24

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

Often when you watch media coverage of the Congress, you’ll see many congressmen being interviewed in the famed Statuary Hall of the Capitol building.  Since 1864 each state has two statues in the Hall and in the adjoining corridors to represent eminent people from their states.  It’s a fascinating place to visit to learn which prominent people each state has chosen.    Answer these questions about those statues.

1. Name the state and the man: Which state has a statue to the man credited with developing the first electronic television system. Utah and Philo T. Farnsworth

2. One state has a statue of a man who received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal for his work as a biologist developing disease-resistant wheat.  As a result the wheat yieds of Pakistan and India almost doubled starting what is known as the Green Revolution.  Name this man who has been called “The Man Who Saved a Billion Lives.”  Norman Borlaug

3. One state has both a saint and a king.  Which state is it and who are those two men?  Hawaii Father Damien and King Kamehameha I

Week of October 24 - 31

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

From Trump’s tax return to a tape of his talking about his crass approach to wom to accusations of sexual assault against him to WikiLeaks exposure of communications within the Clinton organization, we’ve seen quite a few scandalous surprises that might have destroyed previous campaigns.  Such surprises used to be called “October Surprises,” a term referring to information released in October that might influence the outcome of the presidential election.  Identify these other election years which featured October surprises.

1) Name this year and both the Democratic and Republican candidates when Lyndon Johnson tried to help the Democrat by announcing a halt in the bombing of North Vietnam just days before the election.  The Republican candidate reportedly sent word to the South Vietnamese president to hold on a while longer from peace negotiations.  The president then ordered wire tapping of the GOP candidate’s campaign.  Both sides were morally reprehensible.

1968 Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon

2) There were accusations made by a member of the National Security council, with the appropriate name of Gary Sick, that this GOP candidate had reached out to the Iranian government to delay releasing the American hostages being held in Teheran until after the candidate was elected and inaugurated.  There was later found not to be any evidence of such a conspiracy.  Name that year and the GOP candidate.

1980 and Ronald Reagan

3) One Democratic candidate blamed his loss on the appearance of a video by Osama bin Laden right before the election which helped his GOP opponent by making the War on Terror an important issue in the election.  Name the year and both the winning GOP candidate and losing Democratic candidate.

2004 George W. Bush and John Kerry

Week of October 31 - November 7

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

With the possibility that the majority in the Senate could change hands this election, I thought we could look back at past majority leaders of the Senate.  The position of Senate Majority Leader is relatively recent, dating back to the 1920s.  Name these prominent men who have served in that position.

1) Only one Senate Majority Leader went on to become president. Name him. Lyndon B. Johnson

2) In addition to the answer for #1, there was one other Senate Majority Leader who received his party’s nomination for the presidency, although he lost to the incumbent president.  He had previously run, also unsuccessfully, for the vice presidency.  Name that man. Bob Dole

3) One Senate Majority Leader was the son of a former president.  He was regarded as one of the greatest senators of history and wished to run for president, but never received the nomination since his party chose a popular general instead.  Name that man. Robert Taft

Week of November 7 - 14

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

In honor of Veterans Day, answer these questions about veterans who have served as president.

A) Who was the last president who had served during the Civil War? William McKinley

B) Who was the only president who was a combat veteran of World War One? Harry Truman

C) Who was the last president who was a veteran of World War Two? George H.W. Bush

Week of November 14 - 21

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

The Electoral College will cast their votes this year on December 19 and those votes will then be certified and delivered to Congress by December 28. 

Congress will meet in a joint session to count the electoral votes.  That is scheduled to take place on January 6, 2017.  As the President of the Senate, Vice President Biden will announce the results of the vote. 

Since the Civil War, there have been three sitting vice presidents who ran for the presidency and then had to announce their own defeat when that official counting of the electoral votes took place.  Name those three unfortunate sitting vice presidents who had to preside over the announcements of their own defeats. Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, and Al Gore

Week of November 21 - 28

From now on, you will not receive a second chance if you get the answer of any part of the question wrong. So double-check your answers and make sure you "Answer the Question!"

Donald Trump has announced that he will not accept a salary for being president.  Answer these questions about that decision.

1) Trump is not the first president to attempt to turn down a salary.  One other president tried to turn it down, but was told that he must accept it according to the Constitution. Name that president. George Washington

2) The Founders were worried that a president who was not paid for doing the job would be susceptible to a bribe.  Give the article and section of the Constitution that establishes that the president shall receive compensation that cannot be increased or decreased during that president’s term.  Article Two, Section One, Paragraph Seven

3) Two other presidents were also wealthy enough to want to decline the presidential salary.  Since they couldn’t turn down the salary, they donated that salary to charity.  Name those two presidents. Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy

Week of November 28 - December 5

Here’s a depressing set of questions.  Identify these presidents whose children died tragically.

A) Sadly, all three of this president’s children died.  His eleven-year old son died in a train accident in Andover Massachusetts just weeks before this man’s inauguration.  Apparently, the First Lady was so overcome with depression that she spent much of her life after that writing letters to her dead children. Franklin Pierce

B) This president’s young son died at 11 from typhoid fever probably contracted by consuming polluted water from the Potomac River.  His grief-stricken father said upon his death, “My poor boy.  He was too good for this earth.  God has called him home.” Abraham Lincoln

C) The birth of this president’s little girl was major news at the time with the public avidly following news of her childhood.  Sadly, she died of diphtheria at the age of 11.  There has been a great debate that a popular candy bar from the Curtiss Candy Company was named after her, though most people think it was actually named after the most famous baseball player of the age and the company just didn’t want to have to pay him for the use of his name. William Howard Taft

D) Sadly, this president’s namesake son died at age 16 after having played tennis on the White House Tennis Court and developing a blister that developed blood poisoning that killed him. Calvin Coolidge

Week of January 2 - 9

Answer these questions about metaphorical language in American politics.

1) A “dark horse” candidate is a little-known candidate who surprises observers by winning a nomination or election.  Who is regarded as the first dark-horse candidate for the American presidency who won the election? James K. Polk

2) The term “smoke-filled room” has been used to refer to a group of political power brokers gathering together to select who should be the nominee for the party.  In what year was the term first used for choosing a presidential nominee?  And who was the candidate chosen at that convention who eventually went on to be elected president? Warren G. Harding

3) The term “front-porch campaign” has been used to refer to a candidate who stays home and makes speeches to supporters who come to visit the campaign at his home.  Although the term has sometimes been used to refer to the 1880, 1888, and 1920 presidential campaigns, it is most often used to refer to the campaign of which ultimately successful candidate whose home was visited by more than 700,000 supporters? William McKinley

Week of January 9 - 16

In honor of the football playoffs answer these questions about football and presidents.

1) Which president is credited for saving football by helping to negotiate changes in the game to end the violence that had led to severe injuries and even deaths on the field?  There had been a serious movement to abolish the sport until this president stepped in.  As a result of his mediation, certain types of tackling were banned, the number of yards for a first down was changed to ten yards, and the forward pass was introduced. Teddy Roosevelt

2) Which future president played football in college leading the University of Michigan Wolverines to two national titles?  He turned down offers from the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers in order to go to Yale Law School.  As president, he often had the Naval band play the Michigan fight song instead of “Hail to the Chief.” Gerald Ford

3) Which president is said to have called in a play to Redskins coach, George Allen, in a playoff game against the 49ers?   Richard Nixon

Week of January 16 - 23

 Here are some questions in honor of Inauguration Day this week.

1) Who was the only president sworn into office by a woman? Lyndon B. Johnson

2) Which president’s inaugural address was the first to be televised? Harry Truman

3) At which president’s inaugural ball were canaries brought in for the party but ended up freezing to death because the location for the ball was unheated? Ulysses Grant

4) Which person is the only man to both take and administer the inaugural oath? William Howard Taft

Week of January 23 - 30

Answer these questions about the appearance of three presidents.

1. Which president worked briefly as a male model and actually appeared on the 1942 cover of Cosmopolitan? Gerald Ford

2. About which president did Harry Truman write the following in his memoirs?   He was “one of the best-looking men ever in the White House.  He ws also one of the vainest men ever to occupy of the White House, which I guess was on account of the fact that he was so good looking.” Franklin Pierce

3. When I was young, I heard a comedian of the day, David Steinberg, say that he was going to tell us something about a president and we were “never going to see him the same way again, because…the strange, mystical thing about the truth is, once you’ve heard it, it remains lodged in your memory forever.”  And he was right, I’ve never been able to forget Steinberg’s description of this president as having “a face that looks like a foot.”  And once you look this up, you’ll never forget it when you see pictures of that president.  Name the president with a face like a foot. Richard Nixon

Week of January 30 - February 6

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl, a day known for mass consumption of snack food, here are some questions about presidents and their snack preferences.

1) Which president amazed people by announcing that his favorite snack was fried pork rinds served with Tabasco sauce, a snack that seemed out of character for his man.   After this news came out, sales jumped 11% and he was named ‘Skin Man of the Year,’ a decidedly unpresidential nickname. George H.W. Bush

2) Which president so loved Jelly Bellies that he kept to share during Cabinet meetings.  The blueberry flavor Jelly belly was developed for his inauguration so that they could sell red, white and blue Jelly Bellies. Ronald Reagan

3) Which president was so associated with peanuts that his campaign plane was called “Peanut One”? Jimmy Carter

4) Which president was known for taking jogs along with the Secret Service to a nearby McDonald’s to order a Big Mac? Bill Clinton

Week of February 6 - 13

Lots of presidents have had pet dogs and cats, but some presidents went in for more exotic animals.  Answer these questions about presidents and animals.

1) Which president had two lion cubs named Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau as well as a pygmy hippo named Billy plus a raccoon named Rebecca? Calvin Coolidge

2) During whose presidency did the Marquis de Lafayette bring an alligator and house it for several months in the White House? John Quincy Adams

3) Which other president had a pair of alligators that would sometimes wander around the grounds of the White House.
Herbert Hoover

4) Whose children smuggled their pony, Algonquin, up in an elevator to visit their brother when he was sick?
Teddy Roosevelt

Week of February 13 - 20

In honor of Presidents Day, find out which presidents are depicted in the following movies.

  1. Amistad Martin Van Buren and John Quincy Adams
  2. Sunrise at Campobello Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  3. The Buccaneer Andrew Jackson
  4. PT 109 John F. Kennedy
  5. The Wind and the Lion Theodore Roosevelt

Week of February 20 - 27

Even before we had a president who starred in a reality show, TV and politics have often had a strange alliance.  Answer these questions about some famous moments in TV and political history.

1) Name this TV show featuring two brothers that became so controversial in the 1960s because of their satire of current politics, the war in Vietnam, and racial relations that CBS finally cancelled it.  It also featured comedian Pat Paulsen who launched his own comedic runs for the presidency in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1988, 1992, and 1996.  The Smothers Brothers Show

2) Name this other comedy- variety show that ran from 1968 – 1972 that featured short sketch comedy on which Richard Nixon appeared during the 1968 campaign saying the show’s signature line, “Sock it to me?” Nixon later claimed that that appearance on the show helped him get elected, especially since his opponent, Hubert Humphrey, declined an appearance. Rowan and Martin Laugh-In

3) On which popular evening talk show did Bill Clinton in 1992 wearing sun glasses and playing “Heartbreak Hotel” on the saxophone?  That appearance marked a change the success of Clinton appealing to a younger, more hip audience than politicians had done previously. Arsenio Hall

Week of February 27 - March 6

It’s not easy to be the relative of a president.  There’s a lot to live up to.  Answer these questions about troublesome relatives of presidents.     

1) Which president had a brother who had spent time in prison for distributing cocaine?  During his brother’s presidency, he had a rock band and even performed in North Korea.  His codename by the Secret Service was “Headache,” which might tell us something.  His brother granted him a presidential pardon for his cocaine possession conviction right before he left office.    Bill Clinton

2) Which president’s brother had a brother, Billy, who promoted Billy Beer while his brother was president?  Sadly, his drinking led to a problem that led him to having to go into rehab.  He really got into a mess when he registered as an agent of the Libyan government and received a $220,000 loan from Muammar Gadaffi’s government which raised a lot of eyebrows in Washington about why would a foreign dictator be loaning so much money to the president’s brother. Jimmy Carter

3) Which president had a son who was a member of the board of directors of the Silverado Savings and Loan which collapsed and ended up costing taxpayers around $1 billion as part of the savings and loan crisis?  This led to a lot of criticism for the symbolism of a president’s son being connected to one of the failed savings and loan.   On a happier note, his daughter became a fashion model and founded FEED Projects to fight world hunger. George H.W. Bush

Week of March 6 - 13

Answer these questions about people who had trouble with their nominations to the Supreme Court.

1. Who was the man Ronald Reagan nominated for the Supreme Court whose name had to be withdrawn when it was disclosed that he had smoked marijuana with some of his students in the 1970s? Douglas Ginsburg

2. Name this Supreme Court justice who had previously been appointed as a lawyer in one of the Court’s most famous cases.  He was a close friend of the president who had convinced another justice to resign so that there would be an opening.  After this justice was put on the Court he provoked criticism for supposedly giving the president political advice while sitting on the Court.  When he was nominated to be the Chief Justice, his opponents planned a filibuster over news that he had accepted payment for speeches from business groups that might appear before the Court.  He eventually withdrew his name for the Chief Justice nomination.  He was forced later to resign when a new scandal came to light about his accepting money from a financier under investigation for securities violation. Abe Fortas

3.  Richard Nixon had couple of his nominees turned down in the Senate.  One of those nominees was criticized for his supposed support for racial segregation and for being mediocre.  In his defense, a Republican senator argued, “Even if he were mediocre, there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers. They are entitled to a little representation, aren't they, and a little chance?”  This was not considered a persuasive argument.  G. Harrold Carswell

Week of March 13 - 20

If Judge Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to a seat on the Supreme Court, there is one way that he would stand out on the current Court.   He is Protestant.  In the history of the Supreme Court, almost all of the justices have been Protestants.  However, we have an anomalous situation now when the religious make-up of the Court is three Jews and five Catholics (six if we count Justice Scalia whose death has led to the Gorsuch nomination.  Answer these questions about religion and the Supreme Court.

1) Name all five Catholic justices on the present Court. John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Sonia Sotomayor

2) Name the first Catholic justice in the history of the Supreme Court. Roger B. Taney

3) Name the first Jewish justice in the history of the Supreme Court. Louis Brandeis

Week of March 20 - 27

If Judge Gorsuch is confirmed to the Supreme Court he will be in the interesting position of having once been a clerk to his new co-worker, Justice Kennedy.  Three of the present Supreme Court Justices have served as law clerks to earlier Justices.  Name them and the Justices they served.

Stephen G. Breyer (1994 to Present) clerked for Justice Arthur Goldberg, 1964-65.
John G. Roberts, Jr. (2005 to Present) clerked for Justice William H. Rehnquist, 1980-81.
Elena Kagan (2010 to Present) clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall, 1987-88.

Week of March 27 - April 3

In honor of baseball’s spring training, answer these questions about U.S. presidents and baseball

1) It is now a tradition, but who was the first president to throw out the opening pitch?  Some rumors credit him with solidifying the tradition of the seventh inning stretch when he stood up to stretch during a game. William Howard Taft

2) Which president had worked as a young man as a sports announcer for the Chicago Cubs calling baseball games?  As president, he also became the only president to do call play-by-play while in office. Ronald Reagan

3) Which president had partial ownership of a baseball team and was the managing general partner of that team? George W. Bush

4) Which president was reportedly playing baseball with friends when messengers came to tell him he’d won the presidential nomination for his party?  He supposedly said of the news, "I am glad to hear of their coming, but they will have to wait a few minutes until I get my turn at bat." Abraham Lincoln

The question from March 27 - April 3 was the last QOW for the year. GoPo will have their last test this week and so won't need more extra credit. APUSH has the last question after Spring Break, but you also have lots of extra credit opportunities by coming to the review sessions.

Thank you for participating. Check back in the Fall for next year's questions.

































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